Derived from the French word alinéa or “new line”, Alinea Solar represents a new line of thinking. In the world of renewable energy, this means changing your approach to energy production and usage – you can’t change your behaviour without shifting your mindset, after all. Even in the extreme Drakenstein heat, Johan Nel and his team brave rooftops of all sorts to install solar power systems in aid of Eskom loadshedding resilience. Through the installation of solar panels, inverters, and high-quality monitoring systems, Alinea Solar helps clients to become more loadshedding resilient by supplying additional power sources. Their combined skills add value to our community, showing what expertise can mean when supported by teamwork. Eskom loadshedding presents communities all over South Africa with numerous difficulties. Johan Nel, director of Alinea Solar, clearly recalls the day in September 2021 when he finally decided to address these challenges. In Wellington, in the heart of Drakenstein, where Johan lives with his wife, a new line of thinking was born to promote loadshedding resilience. Alinea Solar boasts an accumulative experience of over 95 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. Their on-site team consists of Drakenstein locals, Sakkie Jacobs and Tristan Wiese. Together with Johan, they are the hands and feet of this company, while the broader leadership team is spread across the world. Drakenstein serves as A New Way of Thinking

Tristan Wiese braves rooftops to install solar power systems.

Sakkie Jacobs forms a valuable part of the Alinea team.


VARS | March

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