the base of operations from which the team services homes in the rest of the province and country. With the rise in demand for off-the-grid energy solutions, Johan believes that going solar to make your home more resilient to loadshedding “just makes sense”. Having lived elsewhere for over a decade before returning to Drakenstein in 2020, Johan reserves a special place in his heart for this region. A local Drakensteiner through and through, he has much to offer the community. While the clear, sunny skies are one of Johan’s reasons for doing business in Drakenstein, it is the community that truly captures his heart. He values building relationships with his team and clients in this warm and welcoming environment. Alinea Solar believes that skilled individuals are a necessity to the Drakenstein community. This is exemplified by their unique team dynamic: Johan, who is in his sixties, uses

his many years of experience to guide Sakkie and the younger Tristan. Johan finds value in training up his team members while reaping the benefits of having extra sets of hands to get the work done. As a community, we have much to learn from the Alinea Solar team. Their endeavours stretch beyond the realms of mere solar power, fostering a true sense of fellowship. While Drakenstein is a business development hub brimming with skilled individuals mastering their craft, it is also a community of real people facing real problems. Alinea Solar attests to this fact, reaching for new heights in the world of energy consumption and teamwork alike. Alinea Solar boasts an accumlative experience of over 95 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. “ „

Johan values building relationships with his team and the Drakenstein community.

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