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It’s Time for Your Annual Physical Therapy Exam!

WHAT I S AN ANNUA L PT E XAM? Just like you see your doctor for an annual physical, it’s time you started having a physical therapy annual checkup. January is the time of year that we all start to think about getting healty again. Has your shoulder been sore at night or your knee painful with stairs? Does your back hurt with sitting, or are you feeling unsteady on your feet? Are you concerned about your posture? Sounds like you might need a checkup!

We will check your flexibility, arm and leg strength, core strength, posture, balance, and discuss your current activity levels. We will talk about your fitness goals for the year and set you up for success. Oh, we can also check your height, weight, and blood pressure too! Most major insurance companies and Medicare allow you to come straight to a physical therapist without needing a referral. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at info@waptrehab.com or by calling 425-820-2110 .

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