American Consequences - December 2017


Thanks for a great magazine! – Brooks Gatlin

Re: Our Newest Readers Weigh In A re you guys developing an app so it is easier to read your magazine on a phone? I rarely have access to a computer and generally do everything online with my Android. – Daniel Koerner P.J. O’Rourke comment: Daniel, you’re talking to Mr. Internet Idiot. I finally got MySpace figured out only to discover that the only person on MySpace was me. However, I’m informed by “them that know better than us” that we have all our long articles in easier phone-readable format on our website: . I wanted to address a comment byMr. O’Rourke I saw in a recent back issue : “I wonder how many people remember Will Rogers today?” The answer is, in Oklahoma, plenty. A quick search just in Tulsa, where I live, reveals: Will Rogers High School, Will Rogers Junior High, Will Rogers United Methodist Church, Will Rogers Clocks N More, Will Rogers Lofts, Will Rogers Toastmasters, Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs, Will Rogers Animal Hospital, Will Rogers Health Center, Will Rogers Plumbing, Will Rogers Auditorium, Will Rogers Stampede Arena, Will Rogers Blvd. and more. As well as the usual statues, a museum, and a park at his birthplace (or as near as possible – the actual birthplace is now under Oologah Lake).

P.J. O’Rourke comment: And thank you, Brooks, and all of you Sooners for keeping the Will Rogers memory alive. I hope, however, that Oklahoma doesn’t have a “Wiley Post Flight School.” (Those who are unfamiliar with the Will Rogers story will have to look that up.) Re: Our Christmas Gift Guide Are you guys on drugs!? For that kind of money, I could ‘give my whole shave to Gillette’, and shave for the rest of my life, and STILL have half that leftover! And yes, it’s $4 yards – Canadian, courtesy of the fraud known as exchange! – Vaughn McMillan P.J. O’Rourke comment: Well, Vaughn, shaving is a “gustatory” subject, a matter of personal taste and, as the ancient Romans said, “ De gustibus non est disputandum .” Meaning, roughly, “I ain’t getting into no gustibus arguments.” But you do have my sympathy about the essentially fraudulent nature of currency exchange rates. Or, part of my sympathy. Because I just spent a couple of weeks in your splendid country, bird hunting in New Brunswick – and it was cheaper than staying home ! I’ve been getting e-mails from you, and I find them very ivory tower. Families saving money on their cable bills? Excuse me, you

16 | December 2017

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