American Consequences - December 2017

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have to have Internet service to use [a Roku stick], and Internet service is cheaper if you bundle it (unless AT&T gets to merge with Spectrum/Time-Warner or whatever they’re calling themselves these days, in which case of course the price will skyrocket).

I have never understood why the public should fund these programs... When I attended Penn, I had a small scholarship but no financial support from my family. I did live with my parents but had an hour commute every day. Penn did have a “deferred

Show me a cheap way to get Internet service, and I’m open to discussion...

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By the way, the cheapest cable is OVER THE AIR TV, which costs NOTHING and since nothing has changed since Newt Minow called televisionland a “vast wasteland” more than 50 years ago, why pay for access? I mean, you don’t get a pass on commercials on cable, do you? If you’re really desperate and don’t want to wait a week or a day to see something you’ve missed, there’s always Hulu, for less than $10/month. – Ellen Kozak P.J. O’Rourke comment: Point taken, Ellen! I’m dusting off the rabbit ears and wadding up little pieces of tinfoil to attach to the antenna tips right now! Re: A Lottery NobodyWants to Win I’m sure most folks are like me. We know [a crisis] is coming but hope it’s after we’re gone. I don’t have many suggestions but I do have one: Federal student loans are a boondoggle created by Liberals (of all Parties) because it’s difficult to oppose politically.

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