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Boost Your Stock Gains By Up To 1,000% Using The Magic Calculator

The Magic Calculator works by using data points: 1) Stock price 2) Volatility How does it work? For just a single stock, it gathers 3,053 of these data points and runs each through 9,250 calculations every day. On a portfolio of just 20 stocks, the Magic Calculator examines 61,060 data points and performs 185,000 calculations a day… The biggest reason people lose money in the stock market is because they get scared… and sell at the wrong time. The Magic Calculator helps you AVOID all that. 3) Portfolio size 4) Risk tolerance

TheMagic Calculator Functionality Bonus Features

Automatically scans your portfolio each day with real-time data and looks for extra profits. Alerts you when to BUY more & SELL shares... Shows how much you should invest in any new stock given your portfolio size. You can “TEST” any stock before you buy it. (Simply type the symbol of any stock you want to buy into the Magic Calculator, and wait for a red… yellow… or green light.)

Advanced portfolio stock management & tracking Smart volatility and stock signal algorithms Targeted action alerts Investment amount sizing and riskcalculators Portfolio risk “re-balancing” Access to over $1,000 worth of investment research from renowned analysts, at no additional cost. Access to data-driven resources, tips and coaching from my team of investment professionals. You’ll also receive The Magic Calculator Investing Primer. It’s designed to get you started using the Magic Calculator as soon as possible… to help you potentially double or triple your profit on every stock you own.

Real Customer: Dale

Sold too early and missed an extra $8,236


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