American Consequences - December 2017

Endless Necktie (Pat. Pending)

WiFi-Connected Orthodontic Retainer that make you sound like you know everything!

THE ONLY NECKTIE YOU’LL EVER NEED 40 feet of genuine silk. Just put it around your collar & pull till you get the necktie look you want. Tuck the rest into your trousers!


Mini- Miracle

Home Sauna Compact box of hot rocks and special pitcher of water turn any closet into a stand-up sauna bath for fun and relaxation! (Also steams wrinkles out of clothes)

Patterns include stripes, solids, paisley, polka dots, plaids, checks, tie-dye, funny sayings, lucky horseshoes, and much, much more...

Hand-Crafted Duplex Pet Pillow

Riderless Bicycle

Allows your cat to sleep comfortably on your face!

Unmanned bike uses microchips, GPS, and computer vision to sense its environment and navigate without human input!

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