American Consequences - December 2017

From P. J. O’Rourke and Henry Smith

Amazing Cordless Phone Cord

Everybody seems to be opening a can of worms these days. But this is your own personal can. And you don’t have to open it!

Never lose your cordless phone again! “PhoneHome” invention attaches your cordless phone to its receiver. Also great for cell phones, smart phones and other personal- communication devices! Just attach

Can of Worms

PiggyBackPack A Backpack’s Backpack

“PhoneHome” to special magnetic refrigerator door bracket, included free.

Purchase 2 or more gifts and get a free subscription to Anti-Social Media. It’s the app for people and things you hate! Includes: SnapAtChat NixIt GoogleHex Twitopedia DisInterest and much much more

Not enough room? Here’s a pack that straps on the back of your backpack pack.

Buy 2 and we’ll throw in the PiggyPiggyBackBackPack Straps on the back of the pack on your backpack

Chameleon Shoe Shades

Men – Don’t worry if brown shoes go with a blue suit! Change footwear with just the pull of a finger. Three “Shoe Shades” on spring-loaded rollers give you the choice of dressy black, rich oxblood brown, and casual sneaker shoes!

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