Altitude Physical Therapy June 2019

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JUNE 2019


Last fall, our first grandbaby was born, and in February, we welcomed another with the birth of Jens, Bryan and Julia’s baby boy. This Father’s Day is a special one for our family because my eldest son and son-in-law are new fathers, and I’m a first- time grandfather. It’s been fun seeing things from this new perspective. Jens is almost 4 months old now, and it’s a fun experience watching him. I feel like I’m looking at a mirror image of Bryan from 25 years ago. Jens has a mellow personality and is built like a little tank, long and strong just like Bryan. Because Bryan is 6 feet, 10 inches tall, we know Jens is going to be very tall. Bryan is still passionate about music, his chosen profession, and is working his tail off to support his family. He loves Julia and their baby boy so much, and I enjoy watching him embrace this phase of life. “KIDS NEED TIME TO KNOW THAT YOU’RE GOING TO BE THERE FOR THEM AND ALWAYS WILL BE.”

Our 7-month-old granddaughter, my daughter and son-in-law’s baby, is at a very fun age. She hasn’t figured out how to crawl yet, but she’s close. It’s a blast just watching her. She loves her daddy, and he loves playing with her. He’s such a good father, and I’m happy to share some of this special time with them. When I was growing up, I couldn’t spend a lot of time with my dad because of his work, but I knew he loved me and worked hard for our family. This experience definitely influenced how I’ve raised my own kids. Throughout their lives, I’ve tried to spend as much time with them as I could, especially when they were younger. I wanted to be there. Kids need time to know that you’re going to be there for them and always will be. Just showing up for your kids is a huge part of parenting. In my next phase as a grandfather, I’ve continued to be there for my grandkids. We visit our grandkids whenever we can — I’d spend every weekend with them if I could. Being a grandpa is pretty cool. I get to hold them and then hand them off at the end of the day. Getting to be the “party person” is not a bad gig at all. Around our house on Father’s Day, you’ll probably find me relaxing and just enjoying the day. I’m looking forward to sitting back and letting my family pamper me a bit. I usually cook Sunday dinners, so it’s a fun change for my family to come together and cook instead. I tease the kids that

they must not love me as much as they say they do because I still haven’t gotten that 90-inch TV or gas grill from Costco, the “ideal” gifts for fathers. It’s okay. The time we spend together and the love we share are priceless.

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers out there!

–Sean Weatherston

P.S. We’re hosting a Free Exam Day on June 26! Spread the word! Plus, look inside for more upcoming events and workshops.

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