The P.E.O. Record July-August 2022 (public)

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Capturing the Glow and the Full Import of P.E.O. by Vita Berg, KH, Raytown, Missouri

Sisters, this writing reflects the rainbow color patterns of the body’s energy. Rainbow colors combine in the color spectrum to shine as pure white light. These colors inspire and expand my understanding of the radiant virtues of P.E.O. The virtue of truth adds depth and color to the soul. Each sister is a unique treasure, whose truth is an unchangeable part of her, evidenced by qualities she uniquely radiates, like sunshine. The radiance of the sun dresses each day, enhancing magical colors. Imagine the hues of red, yellow and orange sending vibrations that whisper messages of the virtue of truth. Courage, trust, discernment, receptive, and respectful listening are elements of truth. Trust encourages the ability to distinguish the beauty of truth from fearful reactions, bringing awareness to the presence of warm light. Patience, understanding, kindness, speech, love, faith and reverence flow from the purity of heart. Do you feel the blush of pure pink love in P.E.O.? Sisters, observe purity as it glows in pastels of pink enhanced by the loving ways we think. When life presents challenges or seems unfair, sparks of luminosity create the warmth and compassionate care articulating the full import of P.E.O. Justice portrays the desire to choose the right way to live and expresses fairness. The virtue of justice is luminous in the colors of silver and gold. The virtue of faith is a powerful gift from God, received and shared with deep appreciation. Our sisters remind each other with sacred spiritual, scriptural airs, “If you have faith as tiny as a grain of mustard seed, nothing is impossible for you.” “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Rose violet to purple rises in delicate crystalline sparkles, like a crown, to reveal the treasure of faith as it unfolds with strength and joy.

Dear sisters, the most essential virtue is love. Love is patient and mercy is the loving-kindness of God. God shows Himself through us as we nurture, expressing immensity, mystery and abundance. Nature is filled with elements of unconditional love. The brilliance of emerald green and sunshine yellow reveals the tangible expression of love, like the nurturing warmth of a beautiful day. • The rose does not withhold its fragrance from anyone. • A tree does not deny shade to anyone who seeks its cover. •  In the presence of nature’s loving-kindness, we sense symptoms of peace and joy, like the gentle breeze upon the ocean waves. Twinkle, twinkle, for you are a very vibrant star, Like a diamond in the sunlight. Our Purity sparkles as we nurture Each other. With strength and fairness, Our efforts shine and polish the virtue of justice. We embrace faith together and appreciate grace.

See yourself with clarity And express pure charity Know your truth is the unchangeable brilliant you. Our sister hearts are like our gold star Filled with love and light. We mentor this love through each life filled with sisterly affection.

It is easy to hold each sister dear, in Faith, Love, Purity, Justice, and Truth. Joy reflects in shimmering signs of peace. We Discover in our soul’s reverence and connection, The soft and delicate Glow Of the Radiant Life of P.E.O.

Vita Berg, RN, LMTB, Stephen’s Minister, shares heartwarming stories to clarify thoughts, soothe emotions and provide nurturing with wisdom. Vita specializes in pain management, life coaching and grandmother’s advice, with motivational articles to inspire body, mind and spiritual vitality. She joined Chapter KH, Raytown, Missouri, in 2013. This writing is dedicated to Shirley Keisker, Chapter KH, who spent her life radiating P.E.O. virtues.


THE P.E.O. RECORD | July–August 2022

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