The P.E.O. Record July-August 2022 (public)


REFRESH, RECONNECT, RENEW by Kathleen Feldman, Vice Chair, and Rita Briggs, Chair, P.E.O. International Membership Committee

International Chapter has asked us as sisters and local chapters to move our beloved Sisterhood forward. It has been a long two years with the challenges that the pandemic brought not only to our personal lives but also to that of our P.E.O. chapters. This year International Chapter wants to take the pressure off the local chapters and members, giving them time to reconnect, renew and reengage. This is to be a year of refreshing and renewing our local chapters, making them a place where sisters engage with each other, show loving concern and find joy after the challenges of the past two years. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Just what we need. Virtual calls and meetings certainly have been a great way to keep in touch, but there is nothing better than getting together with our sisters in person and reconnecting once more. The words of Robert Southey are so true of P.E.O. after the pandemic—“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded “No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” – ROBERT SOUTHEY of each other’s worth.” We are a special and unique group of women, dedicated not only to the Sisterhood and our projects, but to each other. We have a special bond that no other group possesses. As sisters we flourish when we are together. This is truly the empowerment of sisterhood. Let’s try and break down this idea of refreshing, reconnecting and renewing and see how it applies to each of us. Where do we start? What does it mean when someone says “refresh”? It’s like saying, “create a welcome change.” We all know that P.E.O. is not new, but it can be! If we try to reinvigorate and stimulate enthusiasm within our chapters, we have a wonderful starting point. In the past we may have lacked interesting programs, enjoyable social outings, fun luncheons or dinners at a new place. We may not have brought a new member into our chapter in a long time. Isn’t it time to share the joy again? If we want to refresh something we want to restore, resume, reaffirm or renew a promise. Quoting George Washington, “Actions, not words, are the true criteria of the attachment of friends.” It is never too late to start. Now is the time to


refresh your local chapter. We need to be listening, laughing and loving whenever we are together. A member in Pennsylvania referred to how much more she receives from our Sisterhood than she gives. You are only limited by how much you reach out. Another member from the District of Columbia expressed the essence of membership—P.E.O. brings out the best in me. What can you do to restore the vigor and revive the true meaning of P.E.O. Sisterhood back into your chapter?


July–August 2022 | THE P.E.O. RECORD


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