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Why Do I Need Leadership Resources? I Am Not a Leader! ...OrAm I? By Karen Fite, P.E.O. Leadership Development Committee

Everyone within the P.E.O. Sisterhood is a leader. Yes, that means you. You may serve on a committee or as an officer. Maybe you know of a young woman who could benefit from one of our projects. Or, you have a great friend who possesses the qualities of a P.E.O. and you invite her. Or, you know of a sister who has a personal need, and you reach out to comfort her. Each of these examples are evidence of leadership. Here are some specific ways that you may want to access and use these resources to help you grow in leadership and service. All resources can be found on the P.E.O. International member website at .

Are there any easy and ready-to-use chapter program ideas among the Leadership Development resources? YES! Many of the resources would be great for chapter programs. Most have videos, PowerPoint files, scripts and/or handouts that can be used for your chapter. Resources are organized under six key competencies: Productivity, Officer/Committee Development, Inspiration, Healthy Relationships, Communications and General. Each has a summary, the recommended audience, the format and the approximate time it will take. An easy place to start would be under Healthy Relationships, where there are two Icebreaker modules that can be used to get to know your chapter sisters better. How can I be a better listener? If you have ever been in a meeting when you realized that you have tuned out and missed part of the discussion, then “Listen Up Sisters,” an 18-minute interactive video, is a great resource for you. By reviewing this resource and beginning to practice the constructive listening skills you will be able to develop an understanding of others’ points of view by preventing misunderstanding or confusion. When everyone in the meeting uses these techniques, a safe place of trust is created where all ideas and opinions are welcome. If you want to give the presentation, there is also a PowerPoint and script available to download.

I want to figure out how I can contribute more to our Sisterhood. Are there resources for this? “Leading Yourself from Intent to Impact” is a 30-minute video workshop where you will learn skills to define your best point of contribution, create simple and personalized action steps, track your results, tweak your efforts over time and visualize the future to see your positive impact through P.E.O. come to life. Since each of you are unique, your plan will represent your talents and interests. Accompanying this video is a one-page worksheet for personal reflection on ways to develop your own plan. If you wish to provide the information as a program to your chapter, there is also a PowerPoint and script for your use. In today’s world how can we productively discuss issues when we disagree? Two resources can be recommended to help your chapter address these challenges. “Talking About Differences: Finding Common Ground” offers a five-step approach to Hear, Understand, Summarize, Validate and Compromise to address uncomfortable conversations. A 13-minute video and one-page document is provided. The “Resolving Conflict using P.E.O. Virtues” tip sheet (two pages) outlines approaches and responses to resolve conflicts in a positive manner using the framework of our five virtues.

A great benefit of membership in P.E.O. is the opportunity to continue developing your leadership skills! Find the above resources and many others under the Leadership tab on the P.E.O. International member website, , or go directly to . If there is a resource you need, but is not currently available, use the Contact Us link to tell us about it; we would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Leadership Tip:


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