The P.E.O. Record July-August 2022 (public)


Partners in Peace Program

by Jan Knuckey, Chair, P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees

Recently, a P.E.O. member conveyed to the International Peace Scholarship Fund (IPS) trustees her impression of the IPS Partners in Peace (PIP) Program. She stated, “PIP amplifies the power of IPS.” This brief quote is the perfect description of a unique program established in 1968 within the International Peace Scholarship Fund. Formerly known as the Designated Award and now as Partners in Peace, the program was designed to bring P.E.O.s closer to the spirit of IPS. Believing that education is fundamental to global peace, the powerful goal of the International Peace Scholarship Fund is for IPS recipients to return home and make a positive impact in their communities, country and around the globe. But the associations with their PIP chapters cannot be overestimated. Because of this program they are exposed to the love and concern of P.E.O.s, something which often comes as a complete surprise to new recipients. This experience amplifies the power of IPS as it can promote global understanding in their relationships with other people for the rest of their lives which is ultimately the basis for world peace. The IPS trustees consistently receive gratitude from IPS recipients for their scholarship, primarily stating that it helps them concentrate more fully on their studies as it alleviates the stress of financing their education. These students also share the excitement of the numerous interactions they have with their PIP chapters; live or virtual chapter and reciprocity meetings, speaking at convention, being invited to members’ homes for meals or coffees, receiving baked goods, small gifts and a favorite item for most recipients—cards in their mailbox!

Messages such as these about how recipients feel about being awarded the scholarship and their associations with P.E.O.s are the most heartwarming of all: “The care and encouragement I have received from my PIP chapters makes me feel I am not alone and what I am doing is important not only for my future goals, but also for women’s empowerment through education.” “I have had the most beautiful experience with my five PIP chapters. It still amazes me that a group of women who did not previously know me, has dedicated their time, support and financial resources to my educational development. I have learned so much from these women and am indeed inspired by their commitment to women’s education. I will pass on their baton in my country.” “P.E.O. IPS is beyond a scholarship, it is about priceless friendship and caring. I am so grateful for being a part of it.” “I am sincerely grateful for the support that I have received from the amazing network of women of P.E.O. The transition to another country has been daunting for me, but I am comforted by the fact that I can always seek support from my P.E.O. chapters.” “Sometimes when things are hard, I call them and share my pain. They have provided me with much more than money can provide.” “I am so grateful for P.E.O. and its interest in helping women like me and others to become women of purpose. I am encouraged to work hard and make the P.E.O. Sisterhood proud.” “I have been blessed by the support of the P.E.O. ladies. The year ahead of me will be challenging, but I am sure the inspiration I find in their exemplary role will provide me guidance.” “Of all the fellowships, scholarships and awards I have received during my educational journey, none has meant as much to me as IPS.” Any amount of financial support by local chapters and individuals makes it possible to award International Peace Scholarship Fund to amazing women. A $500 donation affords the opportunity to be a PIP chapter, matched with a student. Tremendous thanks go to all chapters who have participated since 1968. If you have not experienced the joy of being a PIP chapter, find out how by accessing the International Chapter member website under IPS chapter resources. You too can experience how rewarding it can be to amplify the power of IPS.


THE P.E.O. RECORD | July–August 2022

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