Motion Matters PT. Relieving Arthritis Pain

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attend to our experience in a kind, curious manner instead of fighting or denying it. We learn to cope with the pain in new ways. Our Physical Therapists can guide you in selecting a meditation technique or relaxation exercise to assist you in managing pain symptoms. Just think of it like another tool in your toolbox, along with exercise, massage, ice or heat. The more items you have in your toolbox to manage symptoms the better! Call us today for guidance on using meditation as a tool along with physical therapy to manage your pain symptoms!

Chronic pain affects more people in the US than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined: more than 100 million adults. Most feel they have little or no control over their pain! Physical Therapy treatment especially when applied in a holistic manner, treating the body and mind as a whole can be very beneficial in managing chronic pain. You may have heard of meditation or mindfulness, these practices can be beneficial in learning how to live and manage chronic pain. One way that mindfulness helps is by shifting the locus of control from the outside (“this is happening to me and there is nothing I can do about it”) to the inside (“this is happening to me but I can choose how I relate to it”). We can learn to

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