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attend to our experience in a kind, curious manner instead of fighting or denying it. We learn to cope with the pain in new ways. Our Physical Therapists can guide you in selecting a meditation technique or relaxation exercise to assist you in managing pain symptoms. Just think of it like another tool in your toolbox, along with exercise, massage, ice or heat. The more items you have in your toolbox to manage symptoms the better! Call us today for guidance on using meditation as a tool along with physical therapy to manage your pain symptoms!

Chronic pain affects more people in the US than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined: more than 100 million adults. Most feel they have little or no control over their pain! Physical Therapy treatment especially when applied in a holistic manner, treating the body and mind as a whole can be very beneficial in managing chronic pain. You may have heard of meditation or mindfulness, these practices can be beneficial in learning how to live and manage chronic pain. One way that mindfulness helps is by shifting the locus of control from the outside (“this is happening to me and there is nothing I can do about it”) to the inside (“this is happening to me but I can choose how I relate to it”). We can learn to

NEWSLETTER The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body




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of the bones. This cartilage is what allows the joints in the elbows, ankles, knees and hips to move with freedom. Without cartilage, the bones would rub against one another with each movement, and would cause extreme pain. As the cartilage breaks down, so, typically, does the bone, and as the shape of the joint changes it becomesevenmoredifficult for it to functionsmoothly.Furthermore, the ligaments and tendons around the joint will often stiffen, and the muscles surrounding the joint will weaken, making it altogether more difficult and painful to move. While arthritis pain typically develops gradually, the realization of what you are dealing with can still come as a shock. In some circumstances the pain will appear more abruptly, especially when the pain develops in association with a change in weather or other environmental circumstance. If you’re suffering from arthritis pain, call Motion Matters Physical Therapy at 559.876.1191. Your physical therapist can help you return to a more active and pain-free life.

When you experience an injury, dealing with the pain that comes as part of the aftermath is expected. While painful, most of the time when recovering from an injury you can find comfort in the knowledge that the pain is temporary. As your body heals, as you go through the motions of building your muscle mass back and improving flexibility with physical therapy, you know that in time you will feel like yourself again. This knowledge gives you something to work towards, and helps the pain feel more manageable—even when it is intense, and never-fleeting. Arthritis pain is different. Arthritis doesn’t develop as a result of an injury, but instead develops over time as a result of chronic use, or even as a result of genetic disposition.  This can make dealing with the pain of arthritis even more difficult to cope with, as it begs the question: if the pain is coming from inside the joint, is there anything I can actually do about it? Understanding Arthritis Pain Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition to affect the joints. Almost 30 million adults in the United States struggle with the condition, and while it can influence anyone of any age, it most frequently develops among those who are most prone to overuse—those who are over the age of 65. Arthritis occurs when there is a breakdown of the cartilage that covers the ends

Solutions For Arthritis

  There is a long list of home remedies that are said to help with arthritis pain as well, and there is some credibility to some of these concepts. For example, losing weight, exercising regularly, and making some dietary changes such as reducing caffeine and sugar consumption are said to help alleviate pain associatedwitharthritis.However,beforeyoustartmakinganychanges toyour lifestyle, it is best to consult with a physical therapist. For more information about how to rid your life of arthritis pain, contact us.               Anti-inflammation and Arthritis One leading form of arthritis treatment is with the use of anti-inflammatory medication. Certain types of arthritis develop as a result of a build-up of inflammation in the body. Specifically, the tendons and ligaments become inflamed as a result of an internal attack from the immune system, which is typically triggered by some combination of environmental factors. Avoiding certain foods and movements can reduce inflammation, and thereby reduce pain. Physical Therapy and Arthritis Physical therapy ishighly recommended for the treatmentofarthritisbecause it can strengthen and support the joints through guided practice of movement and strength building exercises. Typically, the best activities for arthritis pain are low-impact activities. Working with a physical therapist is the best way to ensure that you are practicing the best techniques for overcoming your discomfort. 

Turning to over the counter pain medications to cope with arthritis pain is ineffective as a long-term solution. While some of the medications may provide temporary relief, they will not help you overcome the pain for good. Physical therapy, on the other hand, can provide actual relief from arthritis by helping to rebuild strength in the joints through targeted movements and flexibility exercises.   There is a lot of current research trying to understand what precisely causes arthritis todevelop insomepeople,andnot inothers.Everyoneuses their joints every day, and while it makes sense that so much pressure would cause pain to develop over time, it doesn’t explain why the pain develops when and where it does, and why it happens to some people and not to others.


Relieve Shoulder Pain In Minutes Try this exercise to keep you moving!.

Blackened ChickenWith Avocado Sauce



Ingredients • 4 (4 oz) chicken breasts

Relieves Shoulder Pain

• 2 tbsp blackened seasoning • ½ cup plain, Greek yogurt • ½ avocado • 1 tsp lemon juice • ½ tsp garlic powder • ⅛ tsp salt • 2 tbsp green onions, thinly sliced



 Graspyourarmon theaffectedsideand tiltyourheaddownward into thearmpit. Use your opposite hand to guide your head further into the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.


Directions Place the chicken breasts and blackened seasoning in a large resealable bag. Seal and shake a few times to evenly coat the chicken. Lightly coat a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook until cooked through, 4-6 minutes per side. Meanwhile, in a food processor, combine the yogurt, avocado, lemon juice, garlic powder, and saltandpulseuntilsmoothandcreamy.Toserve, topeachchickenbreastwith 2 tablespoons of the creamy avocado sauce and garnish with ½ tablespoon green onions.






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Yoga Therapy


Did you know our Physical Therapist Dr. Christine Turrentine has not only earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree but is also a Yoga Instructor? Christine completed her RYT-200 training in 2018 and is currently completing her 300-hour advanced training. Private Yoga Therapy is a perfect way to introduce yourself to yoga or if you have tried a group class and have some more individual questions or needs to address in a one-on-one session!



   “I feel welcomed here, which allows me to be myself and work harder!” - Linda A.


    THIS COULD BE YOU! Contact us today to schedule your appointment at (559) 876-1191! Fun & Games         

We are currently offering Private Yoga Therapy! Call today for pricing and to book your first session!




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