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3 Strategies for Genuine Community Involvement MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT

Being in the parade shows that you’re part of the community, and when you top it all off by tossing candy to the kids, you’ll really make an impact.

Even if most of your clients are located in other parts of the globe, the place your business calls home is a huge part of your identity. When a company makes a point to get involved locally, it’s doing more than making new connections and getting its brand out there — it’s also making a positive impact on the place it calls home. Most companies experience a slowdown in the summer. Here are some strategies to take advantage of that lull and create a plan for your business to get involved in the community and be a good neighbor. Support a Local Charity Every town boasts its share of charities and nonprofits looking to make a difference. Find a cause you believe in, then help out. This could mean donating a portion of your revenue to a local women’s shelter, volunteering as a company at the soup kitchen, or sponsoring a gala that raises money for a children’s hospital. Supporting charities demonstrates your values and attracts the kinds of customers who share them. Join a Parade This sounds unconventional, but sometimes it pays to think outside the box. Most towns put on a Fourth of July parade in the summer, so why not join in? Building a float could be a great team-building exercise, and a lot of people will turn up and see your mobile advertisement in the parade.

Work With Local Schools Your company could donate school supplies or even sponsor a program. Art and music programs are often the first to suffer from budget cuts, so support from a local business could make a huge difference. Donate art supplies to the classroom, sponsor high school theater productions, or offer scholarships to help young musicians pay for new instruments. Keep the arts alive by helping the kids in your community do what they love. These suggestions require time and resources to pull off, but making the effort can transform your company from just another business in a sea of many to a pillar in your community.

OUR CLIENTS SAY IT BEST “Look no further! We all have preconceived ideas about lawyers, but when our child was involved in a traumatic accident in California miles away from home, we needed help. We needed someone who could help us understand specific legal details and insurance issues involved in California, but even more importantly, someone who would be an advocate for our child and help to get life back to normal. We were very fortunate to find Case Barnett. Case and his team were immediately there for our child, assisting in all of the details, big and small, which is necessary to deal with the difficulties following an accident. Our relief was immediate that we’d found someone who cared about our child’s well-being first and foremost and who was going to help us ‘make it right’ again.

“If you’re in need of an outstanding and caring legal team in Southern California to help you ... you’ll find it with Case Barnett.”

–Terri H.

This publication is intended to educate the general public about personal injury and elder abuse. It is not intended to be legal advice. Every case is different.

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