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Taking a step toward the future

It is without a doubt that the energy sector worldwide is un- dergoing major unforeseen changes, which place the atten- tion on sustainable energies. BWSC recognizes the value that green energies can provide, and thus, we have been exploring our role within green en- ergy solutions - namely carbon capture, energy storage, and Power-to-X. Power-to-X has been particularly in the spotlight of the green energy industry. This technology helps companies achieve their decarbonization goals by using surplus electric power from electricity conversion, energy storage, and reconversion pathways. In the long term, Power-to-X is expected to be able to compete with fossil fuels and provide companies with a more sustainable and cleaner energy alternative. Thus, BWSC has been broadening its offer to include Pow- er-to-Hydrogen projects. This is possible due to our adaptabil- ity and the strong competencies we developed throughout 40 years in engineering, installation, and technology integration. Powerplant experts Over time, we have specialized in providing facilities with life- time extensions, increased capacity and efficiency, turnkey O&M contracts, maintenance work, ad-hoc rehabilitation, and more. A fascinating and upcoming project area for BWSC has been the optimization and shift in nature of existing powerplants. Engine-based plants are increasingly converting from oil to gas or from heavy to lighter fuel, while boiler-based plants transi- tion from coal to biomass or gas. Our role is to work with restrictions in flexibility in terms of the fuels possible to use so that companies can broaden their fuel configuration.

This has allowed us to build specific competencies we employ in our transition toward providing green energy.

Ever Better Energy Thanks to our long-standing experience, today, we can con- fidently help green players as we reposition ourselves in the industry. We aim to be more complete service providers and grow within green solutions. Our current strategy (launched two years ago) shifted us from supplying turnkey power plants to providing our clients with comprehensive advisory and technical services. This strategy is already showing promising results: our clients are improving profitability (due to greater efficiency) and making their plants more reliable and available. More importantly, they are reduc- ing their carbon footprint and transitioning to cleaner energy. So, as BWSC moves towards a greener future, our corporate identity changes to reflect our values better today. Our drive is now based on one simple goal: to provide “Ever Better Energy.”


With roots stretching back to the 20th century as a stationary engine division of Burmeister & Wain, BWSC has long evolved into a world-class provider of sustain- able energy solutions focused on providing more val- ue to its customers. They trust us to help them reach their energy targets, solve challenges, and reduce their carbon impact on the environment. This environmental focus has grown in importance, especially throughout the last decade, and is becom- ing increasingly relevant to our strategy and service offering.

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