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LPWTechnology Ltd lPWtechnology are extremely proud winners of the Queen’s award for Enterprise in international trade for 2016. dr Phil carroll, md, founded the company just nine years ago, in 2007, from his kitchen table in cheshire and lPW now develop, produce and supply metal powders and applications development used in additive manufacturing (am) around the world. The company works with many of the most progressive industries in engineering including aerospace, defence, automotive and medical implant, supplying materials and supporting the growth of AM into niche applications and adoption into production environments. As such it operates to the recognised quality control standards: AS 9100 & AS 9120 for aerospace, ISO 13485 for medical and ISO 9001. To service the demands of such high-tech industries, LPW supply the most comprehensive range of Aluminium, Cobalt, Steel, Nickel and Titanium based alloy powders all carefully characterised for AM. The demands of the starting powder material are stringent and LPW houses world leading laboratory equipment to analyse and optimise each powder for chemistry, size and flow properties. The experienced lab team have an impressive array of techniques at their disposal including Hall Flow, Angle of Repose, Tap Density, Apparent Density, Morphology, Pycnometry, Shape Analysis, Moisture, Rheometry and Contamination Analysis which enable the condition of the powders to be verified before the production process begins. This can help to avoid costly build or part failures further downstream. Metal Additive Manufacturing is a relatively young industry, but at LPW there is already over 100 years of combined industry, research and development experience and it continues to grow. Knowing that certainty in the quality and characterisation of the metal powders used during the parts build process is vital, led LPW to develop their ‘Total Powder Management’ system. This begins with understanding the specific build requirements for complex, critical parts, followed by delivering dependable, virgin metal powders. Specially designed PoWdEr TRACE hoppers ensure that the materials are stored in a clean, monitored environment and the LPW PoWdEr FLOW measuring kit enables the user to carry out on-site

LPW powders are developed and produced to strict working standards

Metal powders for your particular application


Dr Phil Carroll, Founder and MD of LPW Technology Ltd

This shared success is clearly recognized as Dr Phil Carroll said “I am absolutely thrilled that LPW have received The Queen’s Award. I am so proud of my exceptional team for rising to the exciting challenges presented to a fast growing business. Such a prestigious award reflects the skill and dedication of all our staff in growing a sustainable, UK-based technical company working alongside aerospace and medical device industries where quality and traceability are paramount.” LPWTECHNOLOGY LTD Berkeley Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, CheshireWA7 1TQ Tel: +44 (0)1928 240530

testing of the powder for verification. Traceability is essential when manufacturing critical components such as medical implants, aircraft and automotive parts and PoWdEr SOLVE, a quality management software, enables monitoring and management of the metal powder lifecycle throughout the manufacturing process. LPW’s overseas sales have grown over 300% during the last three years with the proportion of export sales now accounting for 70% of the total. Much of this success is attributed to the 60 highly skilled staff working from its head office in Runcorn, Cheshire, the rapidly expanding Pittsburgh facility and growing presence in Germany. Sales activities are supported further afield by a trained network of resellers across Asia and the rest of Europe.

All powders are supplied with a certificate of conformance I @LPWTechnology

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