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Now comes the fun part. You get up one morning and realize your knee is sore and difficult to move. You don’t remember any injury at all and now even weight bearing almost makes you scream. What in the world has happened? You know, it could have been something you did the day before that caused some inflammation and being down for a good while without the movement in your knee allowed your knee to respond with this protective response. It could come from something you experienced on a regular basis, but you may have done more of it. The list goes on and on. Arthritis is another problem you may experience and does not come on all of a sudden. There are things that can cause problems with your knee all of a sudden like gout or pseudogout. These will really give you a tremendous amount of pain as they are caused by sharp glass like crystals in your joint that result in a lot of pain. The only thing that is going to help you with that is seeing your medical doctor/ provider and taking corrective medicine to help. It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. If you are experiencing a significant amount of pain with your knee that hangs around from an injury and will not resolve within a week, you need to see a provider that can give you some answers. There is always the chance you could have chipped or fractured a bone. You may have torn a ligament or severely strained a muscle. Walking on an injured limb with compensations for your injury will usually cause more problems. You have heard the phrase “pay me now or pay me later.” The later an injury is addressed, the longer it usually takes to get it better. Physical therapy is a great place to start when it comes to knee pain and injuries. We are specialist in dealing with knee problems and quickly recognize when there is a problemwe cannot address. Most of the time, even minor cartilage tears, as well as ligament sprains, will respond well to physical therapy. If you have severe arthritis, we can usually tell right away and get you to an orthopedist for a consultation.

We hear a lot of patients asking about an MRI. Today most insurance companies are starting to require a patient to first have PT before approving an MRI. Obviously if there is trauma involved or severe arthritis, the requirement is dropped for good reason. The bottom line is, usually the physician/provider will refer you for physical therapy for help returning you back to a functional and pain free or pain reduced life. Maybe you have some tightness that needs to be address from life’s wear and tear. Maybe you have been putting off getting fixed due to other priorities. It could be even addressing an issue outside of your knee that is referring pain into your knee and lower leg. You will never know if you don’t get it addressed. Having questions about your knee? Wondering what is going on with it feeling like it is giving way? Pain going up and down stairs? Call us and we will schedule a courtesy consultation to assess your problem and give you the information you need to make a proper decision as to your next step. Your knees will thank you for it.

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“I have zero to very minimal pain!” “When I first started PTwith Jonathan, I was in quite severe pain, both in my mid-back and right hip. After several sessions I began to feel better. The home exercises have helped a lot. As of today, I have zero to very minimal pain! Working with Jonathan has been such a pleasure; he is very professional but also personable. He has helped me with many tips to help alleviate problems. I am so thankful for my therapy, and appreciate everyone’s kindness at Appalachian Physical Therapy.” - Heather H. “In just 7 visits, I have freer movement back.” “I had shoulder pain for a year and passed it off to the aging process. It was

becoming disruptive to daily routines. I attended a workshop class to see if PT could help. In just 7 visits, I have freer movement back and can do those daily routines without compensating for the shoulder pain. It feels great! Thanks APT for your expertise, the laughter and your friendliness in getting me back to pain free movement!” - Michael S. “The professionals at Appalachian Physical Therapy have always made me feel as a valued patient.” “I arrived for therapy for positional vertigo (BPPV) about 2 weeks after my original severe episode, and for TMJ on my left side about 1 week after its very severe onset (unable to open my mouth more than a finger’s width). After the first manipulation for the BPPV, I did the exercises religiously and felt some improvement for the occasional vertigo I might experience in everyday activities, but continued experiencing vertigo doing exercises. The TMJ was helped with dry needling. I could open my mouth wider but still experienced pain chewing and biting. My BPPV was apparently affected by some “renegade” crystals which Dave continued to round up, but it persisted until we finally nailed it. Suddenly I’m able to look up to high shelves, bend forward, turn my head and get out of bed without vertigo. Wonderful! And thanks to dry needling for my TMJ which I can now chew and bite many things without pain.” -Susan M.

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