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WOW!! Kinda feels like we have all been blindsided from out of nowhere doesn’t it? I mean we were hearing about China with COVID-19 but it has gotten here in a hurry. It was expected. What was not expected was the response we have seen. I actually had another article already in the newsletter going out and for some strange reason did not get to

local supermarket parking lot when she noticed two elderly folks waving at her in their car. She looked at them and felt theremay be something they wanted so she went toward the car and the woman rolled down her window just enough to tell her they were afraid to go into the store and shop for groceries as they did not want to get any exposure to any virus, much less COVID-19. She handed the gal 100 bucks with a grocery list and asked her if she would please help them get their groceries. My first thought when I heard this was

approve the present newsletter for April until this weekend. If I had approved it on Friday the 13th, you would not be reading this article. Today is the 15th of March and I felt it was necessary to replace my already written article with this one. We all have been hearing and reading a lot regarding the corona virus unless we have been living in a cave. Some of it is good and some of it spreads panic. I will try and stick to the facts and how we are working on keeping our clients here at Appalachian Physical Therapy as safe as possible during this viral outbreak. It goes without saying but I will say it anyway; these are things we should already be doing to help prevent the spread of viruses and disease. We do them all the time here in the office. Anything that gets touched is cleaned, period. We are hypervigilant now as we should be. We have support staff going behind each and every patient cleaning everything from switches, doors and knobs, pens, counters, of course tables and the list goes on. All equipment is cleaned multiple times a day. We are a health care office and we are aware of the challenges seeing a varying population brings. We are working very hard to make sure folks have a safe place to come for their care. Monday morning brought the postponement of the NBA, March Madness, closing of universities, colleges, schools and the list goes on. My wife, Colleen and I have been watching this for a couple of months as she was slated to teach a Fascial Manipulation® course in China in March. We felt from the start of this it might not happen or get postoned however in the last month we knew it was not going to happen. This public reaction has been brought to our attention in many ways but I ask you to try and remember those who are up in age and really do not want to or need to get out in the public eye. I was talking to my pastor yesterday and she was relating a story a person told her happened in our town this week. A friend of hers was walking in our ARTWORK AT THE OFFICE

why they did not order online. That is certainly available but was quickly reminded they probably did not even have a computer and may not even be aware of such. Probably true. So give folks a little grace and please check up on folks that probably should not be out and about. Remember we all are in this together. First and foremost, please consider staying home if you have a challenged immune system or respiratory problem. How long? Until. Until when? When this is deemed over. How long is that? I do not know. Folks are saying right now about 2-3 weeks but that is an educated guess, nothing more. We will know more in two to three weeks is all I can say. It could be over by the time you read this article but I believe it will still be around at that time. If you have been on a cruise ship or traveled abroad, this warrants a higher level of scrutiny. Please do not come into our office if you even THINK you are sick. Ride it out and seek medical help from your medical provider if you are having any of the symptoms at all. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze, refrain from picking your nose (yes I said that) and avoid touching your face. Stay positive and this too shall pass. Please feel free to give any one of our locations a call if you are wondering about receiving care at our office. We will be glad to answer your questions. Now just so we all do not get too focused on the down side of this, I will leave you with a little humor to make you smile. Laughter is a good medicine. Your pets will appreciate this. Feel free to pass it on.


Pinehurst Artist: Martha Tournas. I paint flowers and landscapes in watercolor. Past exhibits have been at the Artist League of the Sandhills, Conanicut Island Art Association (Jamestown, RI), Spring Bull Art Gallery (Newport, RI), Wickford Art Association,RI and theWestport Art Association, MA. Martha’s work will be displayed at APTthis April/May. Pinehurst Artist: Sandy Stratil. Sandy Stratil is a watermedia artist who has been making art since childhood. She has taught art in high school and college, and since her retirement, in a local artists’ league. She has a long-standing series called “Family Matters” in which she explores relationships through the media of phototransfers and collage. Recently she has begun a series called “Journey” which is

At Appalachian Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. It’s time to get Appalachian Physical Therapy if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury

based on her travels and experiences...a kind of self-portrait. These works combine phototransfers with collage elements, often utilizing the concept of text as texture. She works in several media, including watercolor and acrylic, but her love of using phototransfers and collage has taken over in the last few years. Sandy has lived inWhispering Pines sinceMay of 2003. For many years, she attended Springmaid WatermediaWorkshops at Myrtle Beach, studyingwith a number of nationally and internationally known instructors. Sandy holds Masters’ degrees in English and Education (emphasis in art) fromMorehead State University in Kentucky. She has shown in many regional, state, and national exhibits, including Pike’s Peak Watercolor Exhibition, Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Southport Artists July 4th Exhibition, the Raleigh Fine Arts Society’s annual exhibition, International Society of Experimental Artists, and the National Collage Society. Her works are in many private collections in North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky. She was invited to study with Katherine Chang Liu in a two weekmentoring workshop in California, which she has attended since 2016. Sandy’s work will be displayed at APT this April/May.

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