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Sisters horseback riding across Canada pay a visit

Deux sœurs de Grimsby Ontario traversent le Canada à dos de cheval cet été. Elles sont en route depuis environ deuxmois, ayant quitté la Nouvelle-Écosse enmai dernier. Leur objectif est de compléter la traversée du pays en deux étés. Les voyageuses récoltent des fonds pour la Fondation des Lions du Canada, une organisation à but non lucratif qui offre des programmes pour chiens-guides. On peut reconnaître, ci-dessus, Katie et Jewel Ke þ a avec leurs chevaux Lux et Ora (respectivement de gauche à droite), sur la route vers Bourget le 10 juillet. —photo Alexia Marsillo

organization that raises and trains guide dogs to assist those with mental or physi- cal disabilities. Katie, 23 years old, and Jewel, 18 years old, along with their respective horses Lux and Ora, travel between 20 and 40 km a day, averaging eight to twelve-hour days. At night, they either pitch their tent in a yard or, as they often already have, will meet locals along the way that offer them lodging. “You have to be ‘go with the flow’ for this trip to work or else it would just be too stressful,” said Katie. “Because you can only go with whatever is happening that day.”

council. The auditor’s report shows the UCPR finishing 2016 withmore than $1.4mil- lion in surplus funds after all budgeted expenses for the year were tallied up. The money goes into the UCPR’s ac- cumulated surplus fund. “It’s a good accomplishment,” said Hoffman. Warden Gary Barton expressed sat- isfaction with the auditor’s report and credited the UCPR staff with prudent and frugal use of all allocations for their departments in the past year’s budget. It does not get much more ‘go with the flow’ than the Ke þ a sisters. Once theymake it to Manitoba at the end of this summer, they will most likely stay there until they can resume their journey the following summer to end off in Vancouver, where they both want to end up living. “This trip was always a dream, and then it kind of faded, but when I finished high school I didn’t want to go to university, so I was like ‘Hey, let’s do this now,’” added Jewel. Although they have experienced personal struggles along their trip, such as weather and traffic conditions, the sisters’ main pri-

ority and also their biggest challenge is the health and safety of their horses.They do not always ride the horses, but sometimes sim- ply walk alongside them in order to give the horses a break or to let themdigest properly after a meal. “We haven’t had big problems with them, they’ve been keeping up with things well,” explained Jewel. “Some cuts and bruises but they’ve managed.” The sisters are not the only adventurous ones in the family – their brother has also joined them, following themon bicycle and video documenting the entire experience. They have set up their own website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) to spread word of their journey and of their cause for Lions Foundation of Canada. STA students honoured Student environmental activists in Russell earned a special award from the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) during its June 20 session. Trustees awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to the students involved in the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School Junior and Senior Envirothon Teams: Morgan Foster, Peter Mc- Cannel, Rachel Fiset, Noah Hill, and Jacob Poirer Hanniman of the junior team, Andrew Buchanan, Lauren Lassier, Kyra McCannell, David Silva Parent, and Michael Rayson of the senior team, and their coach,Ann Jackson. Each team achieved regional and provincial honours for their efforts in develop- ing projects that addressed environmental issues in practical ways. – Gregg Chamberlain


Réunions pour LGBTQ et leurs alliés Des réunions pour des membres de la com- munauté LGBTQ et leurs alliés dans la région de Prescott-Russell se tiennent tous les deu- xièmes jeudis du mois, de 18 h à 21 h, au centre OASIS à Hawkesbury. L’initiative a pris son envol l’année dernière et est menée par différents partenaires de la communauté et des membres actifs de la communauté LGBTQ. Les réunions ont comme objectif de faciliter les contacts au sein de la population LGBTQ. Le groupe est non seulement pour les membres de la communauté LGBTQ, mais également pour les gens proches d’eux – leurs alliés, leurs parents et leurs partenaires. Les réunions sont bilingues et comprennent des discussions informelles et aussi des discussions guidées par des modérateurs. – Alexia Marsillo Katie and Jewel Ke þ a are on the road to fulfilling a childhood dreamas theymake their way across Canada on horseback this summer. Beginning their journey in early May inMahone Bay, Nova Scotia, the sisters passed through Clarence-Rockland last week with the goal of reaching Manitoba by the end of the summer. Along the way, they are raisingmoney for the Lions Foun- dation of Canada Dog Guides, a non-profit

Good news audit report for counties


The annual auditor’s report for the counties was full of good news. Gary Hoffman had nothing but good news to give to the United Counties of Prescott Russell council (UCPR), on April 26, when he presented the an- nual report fromDeloitte on the audited financial statements of the counties. “Each of the (line) items, we had good results,” Hoffman told counties


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