Achieve Therapy: Relief For Radiating Neck Pain & Headaches


Laurie Holte, PT, MPT

Dry Needling is a very effective treatment used to decrease pain, caused by tight bands inmuscles, known as trigger points. Trigger points in muscles can be responsible for local pain in a particular body part. They can also “refer” pain to other areas, far away from their location. An example may be pain felt at the wrist, but caused by a trigger point in a muscle around the shoulder. The presence of trigger points in muscles can also contribute to increased pain throughout the body, by sending noxious signals to the nervous system. The dry needling specialist uses fine filament needles, similar to the needles used by Acupuncturists, though the focus and outcome of the treatments are very different than that of Acupuncture. The needle is placed and may be manipulated within the tight band of muscle, releasing the restriction, and bringing local blood flow and nutrients to the sore area. If the tight band is the source of the pain, relief is generally found within 1-2 treatments, and can then allow the muscle to be more easily rehabilitated. NEW LOCATION We are excited to announce that we opened a new location in February on Demers Avenue in Grand Forks within Valley Bone & Joint Clinic! Laurie Holte, PT, MPT & Jamie Arola, PT, DPT are our amazing physical therapists at this location. To schedule an appointment with them, give us a call at 701.746.6694. TOM CARSON, PT, DPT HAS MOVED Tom Carson, PT, DPT has moved to our Turning Point location

Dry needling is performed at Achieve Therapy, by specially trained physical therapists with excellent knowledge of anatomy and muscle function, and usually used in conjunction with other treatments and exercises. Dry needling trained physical therapists at Achieve Therapy are as follows:

DEMERS AVENUE: Laurie Holte, PT, MPT Jamie Arola, PT, DPT COLUMBIA ROAD: Megan Bolek, PT, DPT Nicole Chine, PT, MPT TURNING POINT: Tom Carson, PT, DPT Gary Schindler, PT, DPT

EAST GRAND FORKS: Heather Walsh, PT, DPT Tricia Reimann, PT, DPT PARK RIVER: Lacey Wilcox, PT, DPT



and is now seeing patients there. To schedule an appointment with him, call us at 701.746.6694. NATALIE PURCELL, PT, DPT HAS MOVED Natalie Purcell, PT, DPThasmoved to our East Grand Forks location and is now seeing patients there. To schedule an appointment with her, call us at 218.773.3388.

Laurie Holte, PT, MPT

Jamie Arola, PT, DPT

Natalie Purcell, PT, DPT

Tom Carson, PT, DPT

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