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B est of 2012 P rojects and D evelopments

Wins “GOLD” as Most Unique/Mixed-Use in Oct. 2012 Retail Design Competition Timothy Haahs & Associates works with CRDA to plan & develop mixed-use parking facility

reduce the number of automobile trips throughout the area, thereby reducing traffic congestion and resulting vehicle emissions. TimHaahs had a high level of involvement on this project from its inception, providing a preliminary parking demand and feasibility study for this project. As part of the study, TimHaahs worked with the CRDA to place the facility in a location that would create an active and invit- ing “people place.” The integration of this mixed- use facility into the heart of Atlantic City not only proves valu- able in supporting the significant parking needs of the area, but also serves as a complement to the surrounding development by creating a vibrant and attractive destination for Atlantic City visi- tors and residents alike. What makes this Project/ Job your favorite or most unique? The structure features a num- ber of unique elements, including metal screens with colored light- ing, an LED digital billboard, and a large solar panel array. This space also features driver-friendly incentives, such as an EZ Pass

P roject B io

T he P roject T eam

he Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) and the City of Location: Atlantic City, NJ Project Name: “The Wave” Type of Project: Mixed Use Parking Structure Size: 411,690 s/f including 1,180 parking spaces & 16,000 s/f ground floor retail Submitting Company Type: Architect/Engineer T Atlantic City have embarked on a major redevelopment effort to revitalize the city’s core and establish a more active and vi- brant environment in this heavily traveled entertainment district. Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc. (TimHaahs) worked with the CRDA to plan and develop a mixed-use parking facility to sup- port the growing parking needs of the area, as well as contribute additional retail space to serve the neighborhood. The 1180-space mixed-use parking facility, “The Wave,” is part of this redevelopment initiative, providing additional parking capacity to support the

Architect/Designer/ Engineer Timothy Haahs & Assoc., Inc. Equipment Amano McGann, Inc. General Contractor/ Construction Manager L. Feriozzi Concrete Company Owner Casino Reinvestment Dev. Authority (CRDA) Parking Consultants Timothy Haahs & Assoc., Inc. Parking Equipment/Tags/ Ticket Supplier/ Technology Consultant Supplier: PSX Inc. Parking Operator/Mgmt. Standard Parking Corporation toll tag reader for payments, and six electric vehicle charging sta- tions to promote and encourage sustainability, with provisions for installation of an additional 14 stations. These elements help the structure blend in with the vibrant atmosphere of the sur- rounding area. n

“The Wave” Photo Credit: Steve Wolfe Photography

parking needs of nearby restau- rants, residential housing, hotels, the Convention Center, and the Boardwalk Hall entertainment center. Combining such a wide a variety of parking uses takes advantage of shared-use parking strategies, maximizing the use of the facility. TimHaahs served as the prime architect and engineer for the state-of-the-art facility, which serves as a “gateway” to the City. “The Wave” is located on a previously disturbed site which included a parking lot, com- munity center, and fish market. The location of this facility was very important for the success of the project – transit-accessible,

urban infill, located near exist- ing retail. With approximately 16,000 s/f of ground floor retail, this project has become an integral part of the CRDA’s effort to transform the City into an investor-friendly re- sort destination, and has renewed the focus on Atlantic City as an economic engine for New Jersey. The facility’s convenient location helps encourage walkability, as well as provides an attractive first impression to visitors ar- riving from the Atlantic City Expressway. Visitors are able to access their destinations via a convenient, pe- destrian-friendly sidewalk route. The parking facility also helps

A rchitect /D esigner /E ngineer

Planning for Cities and People (not just cars)

Effective Parking Planning Sets the Stage for Success

"The Wave" Mixed-Use Parking Facility Atlantic City, NJ Gold Award, Retail Design Competition for Most Unique -Mixed Use Project “Best of 2012 Retail Projects & Developments”



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