Vizcaya Annual Report 2021-2022


In September 2022, Vizcaya adopted an ambitious new Strategic Plan that guides activities for the next three years. Our work is divided into four goal areas: 1. Steward Vizcaya for Future Generations: Vizcaya has begun construction on the next phases of the Village revitalization and it is our goal to rehabilitate seven buildings in the next three years, substantially increasing our capacity to offer school and community programs. The next few years will also witness important resiliency and accessibility improvements at the Main House and gardens and an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability in our daily operations. 2. Broaden and Deepen Public Engagement: We anticipate expanded programs for K-12 students, a new after-school program that promotes civic engagement among teens and enhancements to visitor experience. Vizcaya’s community programs will be co-created with our community and address its rich cultural and environmental resources. We are excited to continue collaborating with the Little Bahamas neighborhood of Coconut Grove and to launch new affinity groups for garden volunteers and young professionals.


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