Vizcaya Annual Report 2021-2022

3. Strengthen Organizational Culture: Respect for individuals of diverse backgrounds has been a formal core value at Vizcaya for nearly twenty years and our efforts to embed equity and inclusion in all facets of the organization are ongoing. As the Vizcaya family, like the rest of the world, adjusts to an evolving workplace, we will also focus on improving onboarding, training and engagement among Board, staff and volunteers with the goal of fostering ever-stronger connections with Vizcaya and one another. 4. Enhance Financial Resources: The new Strategic Plan emphasizes the importance of continued growth in contributed revenues—continuing the trend that generous donors have established in recent years. Caring for Vizcaya and keeping it an innovative and dynamic community resource is a costly proposition that will grow as we expand into the Village. The Vizcaya family also anticipates a capital campaign to complete facility improvements and grow endowment in the years ahead. We look forward to your participation in our rewarding work to bolster this National Historic Landmark and the community that it serves.


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