AI Marketing Research Report

Powered by an AI-based algorithm, the App gives you the list of potential tenants who will make the most of the home and the neighborhood – no more hours spent reviewing generic emails that tell you nothing about the person behind them. 42 % (all ages & genders)

ChatGPT result:

Introducing Tenant Matchmaker, a revolutionary app designed to assist landlords in finding the ideal tenant from a pool of applicants. The app utilizes advanced algorithms and comprehensive tenant profiles to analyze preferences, rental history, and background checks, ensuring a seamless matching process. By streamlining tenant selection, landlords can save valuable time and resources while mitigating the risk of selecting incompatible tenants. Tenant Matchmaker’s efficient and data-driven approach maximizes rental property occupancy rates, reduces turnover, and ultimately boosts landlords’ profitability and peace of mind.

58 % (all ages & genders)

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