AI Marketing Research Report

Say ‘Aye’ to AI

Everyone wants to stay relevant in their industry, and with AI’s reach spreading far and wide, lots of companies are pressured to jump on the trendy train. It’s hard to say who does this consciously and who simply gives in to the hype. But one thing is clear: whether you want to create content, write code, or automate your processes, as a marketer in 2023 you can no longer ignore the growing importance of AI software for achieving some of your goals.

And when it comes to your content goals, there’s probably the best variety of AI tools you can choose from. Videos, texts, images, surveys – most content can be AI-generated these days.

Simply put, artificial intelligence used in content marketing is a tool for generating content using immense textual databases. The data contains texts previously written by humans, so AI can’t actually create anything new. What is AI in content marketing?

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