College – Issue 34

THE QUADRANGLE D and HM Tripp Travelling Scholarship

Two Old Boys are currently beneficiaries of the Tripp Travelling Scholarship, an award established by the late Mrs Tripp as a memorial to her two sons – DMH Tripp and HMH Tripp – who were both killed in action in World War II.

Angus McKenzie

Angus McKenzie (14184) talks about his experiences since leaving College. Why did you decide to study in the United States, and why at the University of Kentucky in particular? After doing the Montgomery Bell Academy exchange to Nashville, Tennessee, in Year 12, I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to do my tertiary education in the United States. This wasn’t a swipe towards the education in New Zealand, but came from my desire to go the path “less travelled” and experience new opportunities. Also, having decided in Year 13 that I wanted to go into business, specifically sports administration, it seemed a natural step to study in a country that does collegiate and professional sport so well. The University of Kentucky, while at first glance an odd choice, ticked the most boxes out of all the schools I applied for to give me the most benefit out of a US education. I could not only acquire a business degree (a Bachelor of Science in Accounting) at an established and influential public institution, but also gain professional experience

How has this experience changed your life? Being nearly 14,000kms away from home has certainly been trying at times, but these have easily been the most rewarding years I could’ve hoped for. Much like your time at College, you truly do get out what you put into life at university, and from diving headfirst I’ve gained a number of memorable achievements. From creating close friendships with people from all over the US and around the globe, to interning

with the event management departments at both UK Athletics and Vanderbilt Athletics, to the memories made travelling the country with friends, studying in the US has given me these amazing experiences and more. I’ve also had the opportunity to become the coordinator for the school’s International Ambassador Scholarship Programme – a 60-strong student scholarship programme that recruits students from over 45 countries to assist the school in international recruitment.

with one of the top sports programmes in the country.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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