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THE QUADRANGLE Reunion reports

20 Years On

The evening then continued with reminiscences, revelations, impersonations and banter. JJ departed the scene before midnight and handed over to erstwhile Head Boy Will Smart to lead. At that point things descended considerably with reports of Forbes causing the loss of innocence of some attendees. In sum: nothing changes in 20 years. Hopefully not much will change in the next 10; see you all at the 30 Years On.

Jeremy Johnson (12355)

A warm and sunny afternoon on Upper greeted those of the 2018 20 Years On reunion to attend the CCOBA cocktail party – the first gathering of the 36 Old Boys who attended various events over the weekend and represented possibly one of the more diverse year groups College has had. Also greeting them were the distinctive tones of Jel and the exuberant laugh of David Chambers – who started at the same time as our year group (and has arguably aged better than most of us). All were disappointed not to see Bosco Peters that night. Saturday morning started slowly for some but the reunion lunch and photo perked everyone up. Giggles remained true to his nickname, while the collection of photos on Riches' phone led to both injunction threats from those featured and increasingly desperate pleas from Ensor to publish them in that local rag he works for. Remarkably Wook Lee, representing the Korean contingent, managed to have two glasses of wine without blushing. After lunch a number repaired for afternoon refreshments at Bubba's. At 6.30pm nearly 40 Old Boys (with some braver other halves) arrived at Universo for the main event. There, numerous prizes were handed out including: Best Hair – jointly Aitken, Ashcroft and Forbes; Most Hair Loss – Ensor (in absentia); Most Children – Taylor and Hill (joint prize). Chris Anderson, Blair Ensor, Alistair Bryce, Jono Bonifant Front row: Simon Prangell, Ben Spittle, Nicholas Forbes, Jeremy Johnson, Will Smart, Nick Cowdy, James Phelan, Andrew Riches Back row: William McKee, Sam Taylor, Wookjin Lee, James Macphee, Rob Glass, James Moore, Morgan Rees-Thomas Middle row: James McArthur, Nicholas Hill, Dominick Unterberger,

30 Years On

On a typical Christchurch evening in February, 25 of the 120 boys who began their Christ’s College schooling 30 years earlier again entered the College gates. After walking around the Quad, we congregated outside the Chapman Room on Upper where we were provided with a beverage that would help cool the heat of the sun beating down on our backs. The afternoon was filled with stories of times gone by and catching up on what we had been up to for the last few years. It was great to talk with others from the 20, 50 and 60 Years On reunions as well. The bar was finally Back row: Rick Stace, Simon Knight, Miles Macfarlane Middle row: Mike Raper, Tim Wright, Simon Mathewson, Kelvin Leeming, Duncan Forbes, Josh Thomas, Hamish Matheson Front row: Tim Black, Mingo Innes, Arthur Innes, Sank Macfarlane, Chas Todhunter, Ben Alexander, Michael Darragh, Tom Fail

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