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row sitting cross-legged on the ground, as was the case for House photos back in the day. A magnificent lunch followed in the Dining Hall, with the former boarders among us wishing the catering had been contracted out in their day. That evening, 48 of us, including significant others, met at the Canterbury Club for drinks and dinner. The toast to Absent Friends noted that we were the lucky generation in, among other things, not being subject to universal conscription to take up arms, free tertiary education and generally good economic times. One of our number had commented that it would be his last reunion as he wouldn’t be around for the 60 Years On. He was reminded that he made the same comment at the 40 Years On. Chris Williams (8163), who retired from staff two years ago, proposed the toast to College, and gained the soubriquet of The Deacon due to his recent ordination. The reply was given by Chris Moller (8115), who spoke of his involvement with four significant Old Boys during the course of his administrative roles with New Zealand cricket and rugby. The four he referenced were John Wright (8043), Robbie Deans (8732), the late Jock Hobbs (8760) and Greg Peters (8648). The evening concluded at a sensible hour that seems to accompany the passing of youth.

closed at about 8.30pm, so our year group wandered down to the RSA for a few more … laughs. Saturday saw lunch in the Dining Hall, a reunion photo and school tour. At 6.30pm we gathered at Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn, many with wives and partners accompanying. With 18 different craft beers on tap there were some decisions to be made before sitting down to a 3-course dinner. During the evening, chairs were traded so as to talk with others in the group. A number of speeches were given which resulted in many laughs. With people coming from Colombia, China, Sydney, Melbourne and all over New Zealand, it really showed what a diverse and interesting year group the Class of 1988 is. I would like to thank all those who attended and hope to see you all again (and a few more) in 2028, if not before. I would also like to thank Justine Nicholl of the CCOBA, Chas Todhunter and Simon Knight for the work they put into making this event a success.

Simon Gould (10865)

50 Years On

Scott Fairclough (8073)

60 Years On

A band of about 36 of the Class of ’68 gathered by Upper for the cocktail function on Friday evening. For many it was 10 years or more since our paths had crossed, but the comfort of camaraderie and familiarity, oiled by a little libation, soon took over as the evening progressed. On Saturday we gathered again, along with the other reunion groups, for a tour of the school. Year group photos followed, without the short fellows in the front Back row: John Dawson, Alastair Gilchrist, Rick Liddell, Mick Rutherford, Herstall Ulrich, Peter Cooke, Derek Howarth, John Ferner Middle row: Paul Robinson, Roger Baxter, David Fisher, Mike Morrison, Garry Newsam, Daniel Reese, Mike Powell, Robert Jarman Front row: Jeremy Williams, Chris Williams, Greg Armstrong, Stephen Dyer, Scott Fairclough, Chris Moller, Chris Atkinson, Rit Fisher

Back row: Rodney Thorp, John Davis, Bill Allen, John Lucas, Tony Gebbie, David Lackey, Gerald Hargreaves, Roger Tunnicliffe Third row: Roger Bayley, Richard Armitage, Chris Sundstrum, Tim Rhodes, Bruce Campbell, Tom Parson, Jim Wallace, Mick Lester, Richard McBride, Hamish Taylor Second row: David Studholme, Tom MacFarlane, Tony Fitchett, Humphrey Armstrong, Peter Skidmore, David Holderness, Peter Guthrey, Godfrey Judd, Chris McVeigh Front row: Robert Loughnan, Ben Evans, Theo Wisdom, Tony Pennell, Murray Richards, Nicholas Justice, Henry Clay, David Harley, John Roberts Allan Darragh, Chris Bathurst, John Thacker

College Issue 34 2018


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