College – Issue 34

LEADERSHIP Head and Deputy Head Prefects 2018

Max Goodwin – Head Prefect

staff, parents and boys who make our College community. I think one of the main things that sets College apart is its House system. Right from the start every boy is welcomed in and becomes a valued member of his House. Vertical organisation within the Houses makes it easy to make friends across all year levels and create many mentoring and leadership opportunities. Housemasters and other House staff get to know every boy in their care and are available to give valuable advice and support. The House becomes a hub of activity, as well as a place where you can regroup and relax.

College has long had a reputation for academic excellence. Small class sizes and passionate subject specialist teachers ensure everyone gets plenty of individual attention. Yes, results matter and there’s a clear expectation that we should always aim to do our best, but it’s more than that. College teachers have a genuine interest in their students’ personal and character development. That, and new programmes such as Immerse & Inspire for Year 10 students and MANifesto for Years 12 and 13 do much to get us thinking about the type of men we want to become. Alongside a busy academic programme, College offers a wide range of sports, cultural and co- curricular activities. I love sport – particularly rowing and rugby – and, as in every aspect of College life, it’s as much about life lessons as it is about the competition. I always play with an attitude to win, but through sport I’ve learned the value of hard work, fair play, managing disappointment and moving on from defeat. “ I'd advise all boys to seize opportunities, especially in the junior years before the pressures of exams .” Max Goodwin

When I started College in Year 9, I looked up to the older boys in the House and thought they were the kind of leader I aspired to be. Now, here I am, in my final year – and what a journey it’s been. Time at College really does fly. There’s something special about College. Our history, heritage and traditions form the bedrock of the school, and our campus and facilities offer an amazing learning environment. These are important facets of College life, but the vital ingredient is people – the teachers,

College Issue 34 2018


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