College – Issue 34

There’s always something going on and something for everyone, there are so many opportunities at College. I’d advise all boys to seize those opportunities, especially in the junior years before the pressures of exams. You’ve got more time than you think, and it’s always good to try new things and get involved in the life of the school. I feel honoured to be a student leader at College and lucky to be working with such a great Prefect team. College is a place where the more you put in, the more you get out. Make a commitment to do your best, create your own definition of excellence, and let’s all enjoy a fantastic year. Boys change greatly between when they arrive at College and when they leave five years later. I know I have, and I haven’t even left yet. I’m one of only a few Aucklanders who board at College and, like many others, came here because an older sibling had gone before. In Year 9, I was academic and not very into sport, but I was interested in getting involved in the drama productions. At that stage, I saw my time at College as being purely an academic time and imagined I would keep a low profile until I left. Obviously, a lot has changed. In Year 11, I picked up rugby at the insistence of my friends and have never looked back. Rugby now plays a large role in my life and will continue to do so throughout this year – however, it hasn’t come at the expense of my involvement in drama or my academic work. This year, I was fortunate enough to be offered the position of Deputy Head Prefect. My principal roles are to organise the ball committee, and assist Max in leading the school and the Prefect team. We have a fantastic group of Toby Brooker-Haines – Deputy Head Prefect

Prefects in 2018, capable of leading in all aspects of College life. We are committed to introducing the boys to the many opportunities College offers, from the senior production West Side Story to inspiring them to be the best they can be in their chosen academic or sporting activities. The key thing about College is that it teaches you many things that may not be immediately obvious. Involvement in sport not only gives you skills in that sport, but also gives you an appreciation of the importance of being fit and focusing on wellbeing. Similarly, the academic side of College life aims to guide seniors through NCEA, but equally importantly helps students develop habits and skills that will allow them to go on learning throughout their lives. Personally, rugby has changed the way I care for my body, in the same way my teachers have changed the way I learn, which will allow me to continue my academic success into the future. Boarding has also added another valuable set of experiences to my time at College. Living away from home in a House with 50 other boys can be difficult, but the end result is that boys learn to live with those who are different from them and, in the process, develop lifelong friendships. In saying all this, it still feels as if the year has only just begun. There are many opportunities to be taken. Make the most of them. “ The key thing

about College is that it teaches you many things that may not be immediately obvious .” Toby Brooker-Haines

Christ’s College Canterbury


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