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teaches four senior classes and is delighted class sizes have doubled from a year ago. “I came here from Westlake Boys’ High School in Auckland, where from a roll of 2300 we were achieving 52 scholarships a year. Four years later, when I left, we were at 167, and one of the top performing secondary schools in the country. “I’m very aware that Scholarship is viewed as a measurement of a school’s success, and I strongly believe, although it is not a qualification but an award, that our boys at College are absolutely up to the academic challenge. New Zealand and international universities now understand the concept of Scholarship and there is no doubt that achieving it gives our boys an edge and will set them apart.” In 2017, Christ’s College was awarded 39 Scholarships, and was the top performing school in Canterbury and although hard to confirm due to the nature of data available, likely to be within the top five schools (based on roll size) in the country. Improved statistics are achievable, she says, and to start the process she has facilitated an “Appreciative Enquiry”. This involves working with all Scholarship teachers, getting them round the table and openly assessing how the current process is working, and assisting Heads of Departments in delivering enrichment programmes. “We know we’re already doing well, but we don’t want to be complacent.” The second part of the enquiry involves speaking to the students, led by Head of Academic Wills Wynn Thomas, and finding out what they want, what they like, and how things are working from their perspective. Schools historically tend to put their pastoral focus into the tail end of learning, with the view that the top end will be fine, says Chloe. “My passion is in looking after the top end, I see my role growing to that of an academic dean, making sure these

What does the Advanced Learning Centre offer?

Here’s a taster of the opportunities available.

Brainbee is an exciting competition for Year 11 students to learn about the brain and its functions. College boys looking at neuroscience research are engaged in the event, which is organised by the New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge. They’re discovering the latest findings in neuroscience research, dispelling misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses, and finding out about the exciting career opportunities in brain research. Model United Nations (MUN) is a great way for students to learn how the UN operates, discover the art of diplomacy and understand the importance of international relations. At MUN events students participate in workshops and committees, learning how to debate, negotiate and find ways to resolve issues of significance to the global community. MUN runs a range of regional, national and international events each year. The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) which has both regional and international levels of competition, aims to motivate students to discover new strengths and practice new skills, celebrate higher learning, and inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders. The WSC annual Tournament of Champions takes place at Yale University in November.

high achievers who set such high standards for themselves, are coping with the additional focus. “The motivation is to offer them academic challenge and rigour and to enrich their overall academic experience.” Chloe has created a drop in space at the Advanced Learning Centre – a comfortable spot with an open door policy, bean bags, and coffee – a place for boys to come and talk through their future plans. In the future, she would love to see a Scholars’ Lounge, where the boys working at this level can enjoy a bit of mana and profile. “The boys are keen and a lot of them are intrinsically motivated; they’re searching for a challenge. They love the opportunity for extension, and it’s really cool to be around that level of energy.”

“ This programme at College is about enrichment. It’s about howwe canmake the students’ school experience challenging and fun,without having to advance them from their peers .” Chloe Harland

College Issue 34 2018


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