College – Issue 34

GARTH WYNNE From our Executive Principal

The challenge for the editors of a magazine like College is to try to capture in words and pictures the spirit of a place. As the Executive Principal, I have the very good fortune of travelling between different elements of the College experience and seeing boys in a wide range of differing circumstances. I experience the spirit our editors try to capture in pictures and words. This latest College magazine really does reflect what I have felt over the past six months. We see reflected within a celebration of achievement, and as importantly, quality relationships. It is this latter element that I believe makes College such a wonderful community. As I move between classroom, stage, or sports field, I see relationships between boys that are enabling and encouraging. I see relationships between teachers, coaches and their charges which are inspiring and enriching. What I see is a sense of support for each other that creates our unique aspirational community and our special spirit. Boys here have the opportunity, if they so engage, to develop the self-efficacy through which they

can be at their best. The one thing I continually say to parents and boys in enrolment interviews is that Each boy at his best is only achieved through the alignment of parents and school and the boy himself being self-aware and purposeful. The following pages celebrate the strengths of both individuals and groups. We see the outcomes of curiosity, persistence, courage and compassion. We also see a sense of gratitude that is all pervading. Everyone knows that very little of value can be achieved alone, and that is very much exemplified within this edition of College . As we celebrate the present, we look ahead so current experiences can be enhanced and developed to enable every boy to contribute to, and benefit from, our atmosphere of excellence. College reaches a very wide readership of the Christ’s College community. Can I encourage you to visit the school and be a part of the experience? Our gates are always open to ideas and initiatives. If anything in this magazine resonates with you and inspires an element of

contribution, don’t hesitate to be in touch. College thrives on its diversity and its disposition to forge its own sense of institutional excellence.

Enjoy College and the spirit therein.

Garth Wynne Christ’s College Executive Principal

Christ’s College Magazine Issue 34, Summer 2018

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