College – Issue 34

WILLIAM JU College Dux

Not only was William Ju College’s 2017 recipient of the Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School, but he was also a complete participant in the co-curricular life of the school.

Balancing his workload was difficult at times, especially with music taking up such a large amount of time. “This was the reason I had to drop the bassoon part way through the year. I no longer play the bassoon, but I still occasionally play badminton at Otago.” William says his best memories of Christ’s College are the times he spent around his friends. “I made my strongest friends – friends who I still see today at university.”

year where I had failed to even earn a Gold Badge.” “By seeing how much my effort had changed the outcome of my results, meant that that particular moment stands out to me the most.” William’s favourite subject was English, especially in Year 13. “This was because of the freedom we had to pursue our interests. Because of my teacher Ms Rayward, I was also able to analyse film with a student from the University of Canterbury and also investigate genres that I found interesting.”

Now studying Health Science First Year at Otago University, and hoping to move onto medicine, William credits College with giving him the opportunity to believe in himself. “Even when I did not achieve as highly as I did the previous year, the teachers and my friends were still supportive of me, giving me the confidence to try my hardest. “In my last year of College I realised how hard work can triumph talent. From going from effectively the bottom of my class to the top, I can say the only difference between my results was due to how much effort I put in. To everyone who aspires to do better, learn and move on from your mistakes. It is only through reflection that you can achieve your best.” William showed great dedication in his pursuit of academic excellence, was the holder of a Gold Tie, and had superb NCEA results. He received a Top Achievers’ Scholarship from the University of Auckland and an Academic Excellence Scholarship from the University of Otago. At College he played badminton and tennis, was a member of the school orchestra, and involved in chamber music, earning an Honours Tie for his excellent contribution to instrumental music. He was also a member of the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Orchestra in 2015 and 2016. William says he had many academic highlights at College, the most memorable when he received his Gold Tie “as this was just after the

“To everyone who aspires to do better, learn andmove on fromyour mistakes. It is only through reflection that you can achieve your best.” William Ju

Christ’s College Canterbury


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