College – Issue 34

ACADEMIC Student creative writing

Students across all year levels have been working diligently on a variety of writing tasks over the last two terms.

Give it all you’ve got, coz IPG’s find their way home…

goes back to gazing out across the glassy lake. A long puff from his pipe follows; he holds, then releases slowly. He reaches his decrepit hand into his torn suede blazer pocket and fishes around. He pulls out a lighter and reignites the fire in his pipe and restocks it with dry tobacco. Grey clouds lock onto his location. Unfazed, he prepares to soak up every last ray of sun before the rain shoots down like a hail of bullets. As the beginning of the end begins, he embarks on his long journey. Limp by limp, hobble by hobble he slowly brings his aching body home. Just as the first drops of rain plummet into the ground he spots the love of his life, a 1967 Ford Mustang. Jet black with two cold white stripes down the middle. He slumps into the car as the rain beats down on the metal roof at light speed. A twist of the ignition key creates a high pitch whine, followed by the low hum of the engine. He can’t help but give it a few revs before he departs. The smell of worn leather, tobacco, whiskey, and fumes fill his nostrils. The Mustang roars as the old man sinks back into his seat which has perfectly moulded to his body over the past 49 years. He savours every single moment all the way to his destination. As he pulls into a shingle driveway the stones crackle and crunch under the Mustang’s tires. He takes one last swig from his flask and a puff from his pipe and gives

Christine Cheesman’s Year 9 English class has been producing and presenting their own raps based on their experiences of College so far, as seen in Thimeth’s work, while Nikki Bleyendaal’s Year 12 students from 2017 produced writing portfolios in Term 4 that included creative and travel writing pieces, as well as essays, reports and film reviews.

Yo Yo Yo Have you noticed the opportunities galore! Get into choir, learn to sing and get a free dinner. Get into debating, learn to talk, Play a sport, and be an elite. Want to be Tom Cruise? Give drama a go! Or fix the world at United Nations!

Thimeth’s Term 1 Reflections Rap By Thimeth Wijesinghe

Yo Nothing’s impossible here So I’m gonna give it go So you should too – Yo Yo Yo!!!

Yo Yo Yo... It’s Thimeth here So just listen up and give an ear! We all came here a few weeks ago So I thought I’d reflect on some of the fun!!! Yo Yo Yo I felt very majestic in my black & white uniform! My shorts didn’t even show up And the blazer my mum bought was two sizes up Coz she the thought I was gonna grow tall. Yo Yo Yo The first Chapel service, hope you remember – Got a carabiner to hold College dear to our heart So we’ll never forget Coz in five years, we’ll depart. Yo Yo Yo Here I say ma’am, here I say sir – Surely I learn to respect the respected Do the prep, or get the seven thirty

The Old Man By Thomas Glass

As the old willow tree sways in the light summer breeze, the sun gleams down on the old man’s tarnished face. His snow white moustache jumps out contrasting his olive, almost dirty skin. The rustle of crisp fiery autumn leaves on the underside of a squirrel's foot alerts him. He jolts, so much so that his dilapidated pipe escapes his coarse lips. “Bugger,” he whispers. A grimy cough escapes his mouth as he begins a long descent to pick it up. His huge pot belly restricts his efficiency. His age shows through his rigid movement and I can almost hear his bones creak as he stands back up. His drained deep blue eyes fixated on an object in the distance. A wry grin grows from ear to ear. His eyes narrow. He then turns and

Christ’s College Canterbury


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