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Here at Gardens Dental Care, we believe it takes a village to a raise a smile. It would be impossible for me to do my job without the incredible support team we have here. An integral part of the team is our trio of registered dental hygienists: Maite, Ashley, and Rachel. We like to think of them as the first line of defense in preventing all sorts of conditions that can affect your overall health, as well as your teeth. Too often, people think of cleaning their teeth as a similar process to cleaning their cars. Of course, a bright, white smile looks great, but dental hygiene is more than cosmetic. Staying on top of cleanings is key to limiting your risk for cavities and gum disease. Gum disease can lead to bone loss and has been linked to all sorts of conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and even stomach cancer. As more studies demonstrate the link between oral health and overall wellness, we need to get away from thinking of our teeth as somehow separate from the rest of our bodies. In addition to the quality of your smile, our hygienists have your health in mind. They screen for oral cancer and check for grinding and sleep apnea. When you leave, they want to be sure your oral hygiene provides you with a great quality of life. They also give you the tools to maintain oral health between visits. From educating you on proper brushing and flossing techniques to introducing you to beneficial protection products like sealant and fluoride, their goal is to give you all you need to stay happy, healthy, and smiling. I might be biased, but I can say without reservation that our team of hygienists is the best I’ve ever encountered, bar none. However, the incredible work of Maite, Ashley, and Rachel isn’t the only thing that separates Gardens Dental Care from other practices. We have a number of policies ensuring we put patients first and make their dental experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. In terms of scheduling, you won’t find a more accommodating practice. We offer before- and after-work appointments, and we’ll always make adjustments as needed. Our edict is to make it as easy as possible for our patients to stay up on oral care without having to put the rest of their life on hold. The same is true regarding our billing. Patients with insurance never pay a single dollar for cleanings with us. You may have a copay, but it won’t show up on your bill. For patients without insurance, we offer an in-house savings plan, providing two cleanings and an exam at a very reasonable price. In our eyes, everyone deserves the benefits of solid oral health. Meet Our Dental Dream Team Maite, Ashley, and Rachel

Happy New Year! May 2018 be a year of health, happiness, and fulfilling your goals.

–David Yates

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WANT TO SEE BETTER REPORT CARDS IN 2018? Make Reading a Family Resolution

USE READING APPS Goodreads is a social network for bibliophiles. You can find

Every parent wants to see their child do well in school, and there’s one fun activity that benefits students of all ages: reading. In a world with so much stimulation, however, it can be difficult to motivate kids to put down a screen and pick up a book. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to make reading a priority. Here are a few tips to make 2018 the year your kids become bookworms. MAKE IT A FAMILY RESOLUTION There’s no better motivator than solidarity! Plus, we’re guessing everyone in your household could stand to read a little more. You don’t have to read the same books or set identical goals, but it’s a lot more fun when everyone participates. Schedule weekly reading discussions so everyone can share the cool stories they’ve read. Stack your completed books in your house somewhere as a monument to all the knowledge your family has gained. SET REWARD MILESTONES Positive reinforcement will propel your kids to keep reading long after the calendars have turned. For a certain number of books completed or hours spent reading, offer them a prize. You can even create a big end goal to really cement those reading habits. Better yet, set a combined goal that the entire family can work toward. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. If your kids know that reading one book per week through June means an extra-special summer vacation, their enthusiasm won’t wane come spring.

recommendations, share ratings, and create lists of both completed and to-be-read books. Users also create reading lists based on topic, genre, decade, and more. With over 2 billion books added, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Biblionasium offers the same services, but it’s designed specifically for children. Talk to other parents and create a network of friends and classmates. After all, nothing is cooler to a kid than what their friends are doing. Avid readers tend to do better academically from kindergarten through college. In fact, a study from the Journal of Education and Practice found that reading comprehension predicted success in other subjects more than any other factor. If you want to see improved report cards, make a reading resolution for your entire household.


Christine A. Katherine A. Diane A. Thomas B. Cassandra B. Val B.

Hayley C. Roger D. Adrienne D. Ryan E. Nehomi F.

Tim H. Mary J. Beth K. Brian K. Ann L. Nadia L. Judy M. Diana M. David M.

Geraldine M. Louise O. Joseph R. Sara R. Brian R. Mandee R. Carolina R. Mark R. Daniel S.

Loretta S. Damian S. Charles S. Mikayla S. Thomas S.

Zachary S. Hunter S. Julia S. Susan S. George T. Kayla Z. Thelma Z. James C. Daniel N.

Alfred M. Adrian O. Nora W.

Joshua F. Robert F. Jeffrey G. Jeffery H.

Laura S. Marc S. Ivan S. Joe S.

Yvette B. Evelyn B. Jenna C.


Vicki V. Janet E.

Andrea D. Geno S.

Sarah P. Julia C.

James W. Art C.

Marsha D. Mandee R.

Joshua F. Joann W.

Susan F. Bruce W.


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Pistachio Goji Berry Granola Want to spruce up your morning yogurt? Top it with this tasty granola. Even better, swap out the dairy for coconut yogurt and enjoy your vegan breakfast.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17


• ⅓ cup pistachios, chopped • ¼ cup coconut flakes • 1 teaspoon cinnamon • ⅓ cup goji berries

1 cup rolled oats

½ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon coconut oil

3 tablespoons maple syrup


cinnamon. Cook slowly until pistachios and coconut flakes are toasted but not burned, about 5 minutes. Remove from pan and stir in goji berries. Let cool and enjoy as a snack or on top of your yogurt!

Heat a large skillet over low heat. Add oats in a thin layer and toast for 1–2 minutes. Add coconut oil and salt, then stir. Continue toasting for 5–7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add maple syrup 1 tablespoon at a time; stir to coat. Once oats are toasted, add pistachios, coconut flakes, and







Recipe inspired by

WORD OUT! Get the “Great dentist, nice staff. Hard to find a trusted dentist in the area, but look no further. Dr. Yates does great work. Happy I found their office.” – Amanda B. Tampa, FL Shockingly Positive Experience “Like most, I have a fear of the dentist! It’s the last appointment I want to make, but I know it has to be done! I suffer from bad gums and cavity-prone teeth. But not here! Dr. Yates and his staff are absolutely amazing! My cleaning was gently and precisely done by the fabulous Ashley! Listening to my fears, taking time to thoroughly de-scale my gums and teeth, and overall making the process more than bearable has me singing Gardens Dental’s praises forever!” – Brooke K. Jupiter, FL “Amazing! Dr. Yates is always friendly and willing to listen to all my concerns. Actually makes me look forward to coming in!” – E.B.

For every person you refer, your name is also entered into our quarterly drawing! Our newgiveaway is a Vitamix ($300 value), just in time for the newyear’s healthy habits. The drawing will take place March 1. Good luck! P.S. Reviews on social media—e.g., a Google review—will also enter your name in the contest.

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​After you’ve enjoyed your newsletter, pass it along to a friend so they can get to know us! If they schedule with us, you’ll receive a $25 gift card for your first referral, $50 for the second referral, and $100 for the third! At the fourth referral in 2018, you’ll be a VIP and be entered into our new monthly drawing for great prizes.

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Are You Using These

Dangerous DIY Whitening Tricks?

while brushing with a strawberry mixture might remove superficial debris and plaque, it has no real

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, white smile? If a wedding or a high school reunion is on the horizon, whitening your teeth is likely a top priority. The internet is full of seemingly miraculous and inexpensive do-it-yourself life hacks that promise to improve your smile. But before you jump on the BuzzFeed bandwagon, let us save you some regret. Be sure to avoid these “amazing,” but actually harmful, DIY whitening tricks. Charcoal Not to be mistaken for the bricks you toss on the barbecue, activated charcoal has the uncanny ability to absorb toxins. Found in everything from hand soap to face masks, charcoal even made its way into toothpaste. But in reality, dentists warn against scrubbing the black stuff all over your teeth. While activated charcoal may be able to whiten your teeth to some degree, the abrasive substance can easily damage your teeth and gums, leading to enamel deterioration and tooth erosion. Strawberries Many beauty blogs recommend using strawberries to whiten teeth. Ran Kwon, a teeth-whitening researcher at the University of Iowa, decided to put the claim to the test. In her research, Kwon determined that

whitening effect. In fact, the malic and citric acid found in strawberries actually erodes teeth and can reduce surface hardness by up to 10 percent.

Whitening Toothpaste Yes, even “official” home whitening methods can cause more harm than good. Whitening toothpaste erases extrinsic stains and discoloration caused by tea, wine, coffee, smoking, and other bad oral habits. However, whitening toothpaste works by literally scrubbing away the stains with tiny abrasive particles. In addition to the stains, this toothpaste also scratches off your enamel. And once your enamel is gone, it doesn’t grow back. So, what are you supposed to do if you’re longing for a brighter set of pearly whites? Talk to your dentist! They’ll recommend in-office and over-the-counter treatments that can help whiten your teeth without destroying them in the process.


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