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Are You Using These

Dangerous DIY Whitening Tricks?

while brushing with a strawberry mixture might remove superficial debris and plaque, it has no real

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, white smile? If a wedding or a high school reunion is on the horizon, whitening your teeth is likely a top priority. The internet is full of seemingly miraculous and inexpensive do-it-yourself life hacks that promise to improve your smile. But before you jump on the BuzzFeed bandwagon, let us save you some regret. Be sure to avoid these “amazing,” but actually harmful, DIY whitening tricks. Charcoal Not to be mistaken for the bricks you toss on the barbecue, activated charcoal has the uncanny ability to absorb toxins. Found in everything from hand soap to face masks, charcoal even made its way into toothpaste. But in reality, dentists warn against scrubbing the black stuff all over your teeth. While activated charcoal may be able to whiten your teeth to some degree, the abrasive substance can easily damage your teeth and gums, leading to enamel deterioration and tooth erosion. Strawberries Many beauty blogs recommend using strawberries to whiten teeth. Ran Kwon, a teeth-whitening researcher at the University of Iowa, decided to put the claim to the test. In her research, Kwon determined that

whitening effect. In fact, the malic and citric acid found in strawberries actually erodes teeth and can reduce surface hardness by up to 10 percent.

Whitening Toothpaste Yes, even “official” home whitening methods can cause more harm than good. Whitening toothpaste erases extrinsic stains and discoloration caused by tea, wine, coffee, smoking, and other bad oral habits. However, whitening toothpaste works by literally scrubbing away the stains with tiny abrasive particles. In addition to the stains, this toothpaste also scratches off your enamel. And once your enamel is gone, it doesn’t grow back. So, what are you supposed to do if you’re longing for a brighter set of pearly whites? Talk to your dentist! They’ll recommend in-office and over-the-counter treatments that can help whiten your teeth without destroying them in the process.


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