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$3,300,000 CRE Mortgage 18-Unit Apartment Building Hudson County

$5,150,000 CRE Mortgage 58-Unit Garden Apartment Complex Union County

$7,350,000 CRE Mortgage 278-Unit Apartment Complex Burlington County

$15,400,000 Construction to Permanent Mortgage 87-Unit Apartment Building Union County

$17,000,000 CRE Mortgage 175-Unit Apartment Complex Bergen County

• Construction and Permanent Mortgages for Apartment Owners and Multi-Family Home Developers. • Construction Mortgages for Single Family, Residential Tract Developments, Spot Lots, Condos and Townhouses. We provide:

Columbia Bank is the partner many New Jersey companies turn to for quick approvals on commercial loans.

For all your commercial real estate financing needs, see Columbia.

To learn more, contact Paul A. Helimann at (201) 599-7076 or email to pheilmann@columbiabankonline.com

Visit us online at ColumbiaBankOnline.com or contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 522-4167.

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