The Physical Therapy Doctor - January 2023

Due to the high demand for improving balance in our community we are starting a “Boxing for Balance” program to help make people more stable on their feet and further reduce their risk of falling. We are learning every day that there are more ways than ever for people to enhance their quality of life and even build their power, strength, flexibility, and speed! This program brings you up close and personal with our hand-selected boxing trainers, creating an environment that will motivate you, push you to exceed your expectations, and get you believing that “Boxing for Balance” is the program that will change your life forever! BOXING FOR BALANCE

The movements in this non-contact, one-on-one boxing skills program provide you the confidence that carries over

to your real-world movements. Covered by Medicare Insurance

FREE boxing equipment if you sign up by Wednesday, Jan. 25! (Valued at $40)

The Physical Therapy Doctor 212-73 26th Ave. Bayside, NY 11360 718.747.2019

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