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December 2019

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‘All I Want for Christmas Is a Good Night’s Sleep’ Giving Back

I ’m often reminded of just how powerful a good night’s sleep can be, but it’s always gratifying to hear about it from our patients. I recently saw a mom who came in for her one-week follow- up appointment starting the use of an oral appliance. She explained that her kids have all been late to school every day that week because she has so much energy each morning that they spend their mornings chatting the time away. I was moved as this mom was in tears describing how life-changing getting a good night’s sleep had been for her and her kids. Everyone deserves that feeling. Good sleep should be the norm, and this is true for bed partners who struggle to get a good night’s sleep because of loud “secondhand snoring” side effects, too. Anywhere between 50 million to 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from a sleep condition every night. While this statistic fluctuates annually, I believe it is always much too high. I have devoted a major part of my career to helping those with sleep disorders find relief and healthy sleep. I am passionate about people getting good rest, and I don’t believe this care should be available only to those who can afford it. That’s why I am partnering with the CPAP Assistance Program with SleepApnea.org. In the years since it began, the program has provided more than 5,000 CPAP machines to those who cannot afford the equipment. I am asking my patients with gently used — or virtually unused — CPAP machines to donate their machines to the CPAP Assistance Program through my clinic. Please bring in your old machines, and as a thank-you, we will gift you a $100 credit toward the purchase of an oral appliance for your sleep-disordered breathing treatment.

through a patient’s airway while they sleep, mitigating the effects of a sleep- disordered breathing diagnosis. The equipment is highly effective if a user regularly wears it. However, some patients complain about noise or discomfort, which causes them to regularly avoid using the machine. An oral appliance may be a more comfortable solution. This device fits

like a mouthguard and better positions your bite for proper airflow. Rather than blowing air into the lungs like a CPAP machine, oral appliances position your jaw in the most advantageous position possible to improve patency of the airway. Both treatment options can work wonders for patients, but if you are experiencing discomfort with your CPAP machine, an oral appliance can offer an alternative solution. And we will take your old CPAP machine so someone else can experience a restful night’s sleep!

If you’re interested in helping others and yourself through the assistance program, please call our office. Learn more about guidelines and restrictions at SleepApnea.org.

Thank you for your assistance, and have a wonderful holiday season!

God bless,

–Dr. Jessica Sabo

Help others living with sleep apnea by donating your old CPAP machine! Dr. Sabo’s office is partnering with the CPAP Assistance Program, which donates CPAP equipment to those who are unable to afford it. In return, you will receive a $100 credit toward the cost of an oral appliance for the treatment of your sleep apnea. Your act of kindness could save a life and provide you with a treatment option that fits your lifestyle. Learn more by calling 951.769.1616.

CPAP machines are considered the gold standard for care in sleep apnea treatment. The machine pushes air



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