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Good mental health is as important as good physical health during the pandemic. "OPME-BUJOFYQSFTTJPO i.FOTTBOBJO corpora sano”, or “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, has taken on new meaning for many people during the weeks and months of dealing with all the stresses of living through a global pandemic. That has become the QSJNF GPDVT GPS UIJT ZFBST.FOUBM)FBMUI Awareness Week campaign for both the TUBGGBOEWPMVOUFFSTPGUIF$BOBEJBO.FOUBM )FBMUI"TTPDJBUJPO $.)" BOEBMTP GPS their clients. i0VSUIFNFJTA5IFSFT/P)FBMUI8JUIPVU .FOUBM )FBMUI u TBJE "OHÍMF %"MFTTJP  $.)"$IBNQMBJO &BTU TQPLFTQFSTPO i#FDBVTFPG$07*% B MPUPG0OUBSJBOT have shared, through surveys, about how their mental health has been affected.” “It’s been tough for many people,” said $BSPMJOF(SFOJFS B$.)" SFTPVSDFDFOUSF facilitator, adding that she has had some past clients of hers call to talk about how they are feeling stressed or anxious as they try to deal with the effect of the pandemic on their lives. 8IJDI JTXIZ$.)" TUBGG  WPMVOUFFST BOEDMJFOUTUPPLUIFTUSFFUTPG)BXLFTCVSZ 0DUPCFS JODBSTDPWFSFEXJUICBMMPPOT and slogans, to help promote awareness of the value of good mental health. “I want to make people aware that they’re

Un petit défilé de voitures décorées de ballons et de slogans a parcouru les rues de Hawkesbury vendredi matin pour sensibiliser le public à la Semaine nationale de sensibilisation à la santé mentale, qui se déroule du 4 au 10 octobre cette année. Le thème de l’évènement pour 2020 était «Il n’y a pas de santé sans santé mentale», en reconnaissance du stress supplémentaire que la pandémie a fait subir à de nombreuses personnes. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

OPUBMPOF uTBJE4UFQIFO%PVSJT B$.)" volunteer for almost four years, who also knows how it feels to deal with depression. In response to the impact of the pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of Onta  rians, the provincial government has provided a variety of online and virtual mental health support programs. One such program, called BounceBack, has proven both a popular and effective aid to people trying to cope with increasing anxiety and the risk of depression CFDBVTFPGXPSSJFTPWFS$07*% “The success rate is amazing,” said %"MFTTJPi/JOFUZQFSDFOUPGQFPQMFTBZ

they’re satisfied and they love the program.” BounceBack, available through links from UIF$.)"XFCTJUF PSBU www.bouncebac JTBGSFFTFMGIFMQQSPHSBNUIBU uses a combination of workbooks for home use along with online videos and telephone talks with coaches to develop ways to help them cope with and resolve mental health issues. On average BounceBack participants take three to six months to complete the program. “It’s something that you can do from the DPNGPSUPGZPVSIPNF uTBJE%"MFTTJPi"MM you need is a willingness to change your life.”

BounceBack isn’t the only source of help BWBJMBCMFUPQFPQMF$.)"IBTJOGPSNBUJPO on other programs available. The main UIJOH BT%"MFTTJPBOEPUIFSTVSHF  JT UP be willing to ask for help and know that help is available. Public awareness of the need for good NFOUBMIFBMUIJTBMTPJNQPSUBOU %"MFTTJP noted, as statistical reports from groups MJLFUIF$BOBEJBO"MMJBODFGPS.FOUBM)FBMUI indicate that close to 85 per cent of people during recent surveys agreed that, as the pandemic continues, mental health is now as important as physical health.




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