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EMPOWER TEACHERS TO Personalize Literacy Instruction


A2i is proven to accelerate growth, helping all students read on or above level by the end of 3rd grade.

When you know exactly how to differentiate for every child, every day, you can raise the literacy level across your entire district—and transform all learners into proficient readers.


A2i is a professional support system that empowers each student to learn to read through personalized instruction, utilizing:

A Professional Learning Component

A Technology Component

A2i’s industry-leading technology gives teachers real-time, specific data on literacy needs so every child gets the type of instruction that’s most effective for them, in the modality that works best, for the right amount of time.

Professional learning provides district-wide alignment and personalized coaching—so teachers continually deepen their understanding of literacy instruction and research-based practices, becoming more effective in the classroom.


The System

A continuous implementation of A2i in Grades K-3 results in significantly more students reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

Alignment & Visibility

• Unmatched student outcomes • Unprecedented literacy rates Achievement & Outcomes

• Guide teachers on how to personalize each student’s literacy journey • Continual alignment of the entire district toward a common goal

• Online assessments pinpoint what students need now • Data-driven recommendations inform instruction time and small groups •Lesson plans align student needs with existing curriculum and online resources • Ongoing customized coaching accelerates teacher development

Tools & Training


Guide students

along their own

literacy journey.

Here’s how A2i works to help teachers meet the needs of all students:

Assessments provide insight into student literacy and what they need to progress. Students take assessments and A2i immediately processes the data to update their progress and learning recommendations. The platform also recommends small group placements for students. Because A2i makes data-driven recommendations, it increases learner equity and can reduce teaching bias. Teachers gain visibility into personalized student learning requirements. Teachers have immediate access to the assessment results, plus individualized plans and small group recommendations rooted in research and established best practices.


Group and individual plans are broken down into four types of instructional activities:



Students get personalized literacy instruction that maximizes learning time.

Teachers review and share real-time progress updates.



A2i informs teachers how many minutes each student needs in each area of the four types of instruction to make significant improvements and reach target outcomes. Teachers can use A2i’s lesson menu tool to search for relevant curriculum resources—so they know exactly what materials to pull for each student.

A2i gives teachers graphs and reports to track student learning throughout the year. They’re always up to date and can be accessed by learning teams to coordinate instruction, provide classroom feedback, and communicate with families.

Scan to see how the A2i professional platform looks in action.


Professional support sets a new standard

for teaching excellence.

We believe amazing teachers are the most powerful force in improving student literacy—and research backs this up. From the start, A2i provides comprehensive training and support so administrators and teachers can learn and seamlessly apply best practices. A2i’s professional development is hyper-focused on differentiated instruction and helps teachers improve proficiency in literacy instruction and overall understanding of the Science of Reading. And A2i professional development helps make planning more efficient and effective for teachers. Teachers get ongoing personal support from full-time A2i Literacy Outcomes Specialists via grade-level groups and 1:1 coaching. Since teachers work with the same Literacy Outcomes Specialists, they’ll become trusted partners and advocates.


Individualized Teacher Training Each teacher has a tailored training plan

Highly Focused Planning A2i keeps planning time focused and more productive

Comprehensive Feedback A2i provides feedback at the district, school, and classroom level

Ongoing Support Support from A2i continues throughout the entirety of the engagement

Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions Teachers receive coaching from trusted partners

Technology Assistance Technology support is just a click or phone call away


Build momentum

across your district

by aligning

literacy goals.

Curricular Connections


Data + Diagnostics

A2i gives everyone in the education ecosystem—from the superintendent to the teachers—a way to work seamlessly together to achieve higher levels of literacy. A2i Senior Managers meet regularly with district leaders to review data, gain a holistic view of the district’s state of literacy, and collaborate on strategic next steps to move all students towards higher outcomes.

Science of Reading

Individualized Instruction

Professional Development

District-Wide Alignment

Reporting + Visibility

Ongoing Support



A2i is implemented in lockstep with educator partners over a three-year period. Time spent in A2i professional development is not additive to teachers’ schedules— rather, it supports efficient planning rooted in research and best practices.

A2i is proven to accelerate growth, helping all students read on or above level by the end of 3rd grade

Aligning critical elements at the district level drives everyone toward a common goal.


Supported by Data

A2i features a data-driven progress monitoring tool with graphs and individual student reports that track progress throughout the year and can be used to guide instruction, inform district leaders, and communicate with families.

Before A2i

After A2i

19% Grade Level Proficiency

22% Grade Level Proficiency

75% Advanced Proficiency

61% Below Basic Proficiency

6% Below Basic Proficiency

17% Advanced Proficiency

Data represents multiple samples, including illustrative state test data (left) and results of a 3-year longitudinal randomized controlled trial of A2i [Connor et al., 2013] (right).

100% of students in need of Tier 3 intervention were no longer requiring this level of support by the end of the first year of implementation.”

Loved by Educators

—School District Superintendent


Backed by Research Born out of more than 13 years of rigorously tested research and development and more than 2,000 hours of classroom observation, A2i brings you the power of individualized instruction.

Dr. Connor was involved in several projects and grants over the course of her career, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Institute of Education Sciences, and the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.

Her notable accomplishments include:

Dr. Carol Connor, Creator of A2i

• Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers presented by President George W. Bush (2006) • The Richard C. Snow Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association (2007) • The Early Career Contribution Award by the Society for Research in Child Development (2009) Carol was a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, as well as a Chancellor’s professor at UCI.

Classrooms went from rows of desks to work areas and centers as students became more involved and more enthusiastic. Not only did the kids love collaborating, they enjoyed helping one another and their newfound independence. Now more engaged, the students became more responsible and self-motivated than we ever imagined.”

Learn about the research behind A2i here:

—School District Superintendent


Together , we can equip every child with what they need to read and thrive.

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