Gems Publishing - March 2019

The Difference Between Stagnation and Massive Success Part I

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

After 20 years working with Dentists around the world, I’ve identified traits the super successful have in common as well as tendencies and habits most often found among the struggling. It’s not all black and white. There is some crossover. But for the most part, what you are about to read is an accurate depiction of what it takes to achieve peak practice performance versus why others feel “stuck” going nowhere fast. Change isn’t easy for most folks. Every once in a while, I remind my Gems Team that just about the only constant they can always depend upon … is that things will always keep changing! Do you have a local gym membership? How often do you go? WHY do you go? What are your personal health goals? What is your dream? Next time you’re there, take a close look at the other folks in the gym. HABITS OF SUPER SUCCESSFUL DENTISTS

members’ website and get on the phone with your Personal Gems Concierge once or twice a month … if you utilize your calls with your coach … you’re on the right track! But being on the right track is only the beginning! Look at those folks showing up at your gym week in and week out. Month after month, year after year. Do they look any different? For the most part, the answer is no. Ever wonder how a person can go to the gym regularly, even workout diligently, and never lose weight and/ or improve their overall fitness? “The most successful Dentists CHOOSE to do the things that may be harder and may require CHANGE, but they CHOOSE to do these things because they know in their hearts and minds that their PATIENTS WILL BENEFIT ...” The answer is really simple. They eat too much. Ask me how I know this!? I was overweight (fat) as a kid. I was the kid all the others made fun of. I was the only one in my elementary school grade who, when in line at the nurse’s office for annual height and weight measurements … the nurse would jot my weight down on a scrap of paper instead of saying it out loud (I really appreciated that too). I lost weight in high school but began gaining it back after dental school. By the time I was in my late 20s, I was 212 pounds. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, I wasn’t obese … but I was (much) heavier than I

Gym members fall into three categories:


That’s right. There are (a lot of) people who buy a monthly membership to the gym and assume that buying a gym membership will help them get into better health and fitness! If you asked them how to get to the gym, they likely couldn’t find it … even with Google Maps! Turns out that studies have shown (just) buying a gym membership doesn’t make you any fitter!


Those who SHOW UP are on the right track. Figured out the analogy yet? If you are a Gems Family Member and you visit the

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