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Counterfeit cash cropping up this summer

for information on how to spot counterfeit currency. Present Canadian currency securitymea- sures, which use high-tech hidden mar- kers and a plasticized paper, make it almost impossible to create a fake that can pass a close physical examination.


It’s not the kind of news anyone wants to hear but it is important that everyone knows about it. OPP have issued a warning about a “shotgun approach” counterfeiters are taking this season to their bogus bill business. The OPP Anti-Rackets Branch have posted an email alert tomedia about more than 80 reports, received so far this year from just the western region of the province, about counterfeit currency ending up in business cash registers or handed in at bank teller deposit counters. The situation is unusual because counter- feiters are just limiting themselves to phony versions of high-value Canadian and Ameri- can currency, they are going with a “shotgun approach” and passing around fakemoney in five-dollar to 100-dollar denominations. The OPP and the RCMP are working toge- ther with the Bank of Canada on a public awareness and education campaign about counterfeit currency. The RCMP’s own sta- tistics on counterfeit bill cases for last year indicated more than 20 per cent of bogus bills showing up in Canada end up passed in Ontario. “Counterfeit deterrence requires a team approach from all partners, including law enforcement agencies, the Bank of Canada, retailers, and the public working together,”

Man Wanted

De faux-monnayeurs cherchent à écouler une grande variété demonnaies canadiennes et américaines en Ontario cet été, allant des billets de cinq à 100 dollars. On conseille aux résidents et aux entreprises locales de consulter la police ou les banques locales sur la façon d’identifier lamonnaie contrefaite, et de faire numériser ses grosses coupures par votre banque locale pour déterminer si elles sont réelles ou fausses. —photo d’archives

Les policiers et les autorités pénitentiaires fédérales demandent au public d’être à l’affût de Daniel Pilon, qui est recherché après avoir violé sa libération conditionnelle. —photo fournie

stated Chief Superintendent John Tod, OPP Investigation and Support Bureau. “If you come across phony money, contact your local police service.” Business owners are advised to have their staff be extra careful during “rush hour” periods, because that is when most coun- terfeiters will try to pass off their bogus bills.

Staff should be alert also when a customer tries to use amuch larger denomination bill than is necessary to pay for an itemor order. If a counterfeit bill is suspected, contact police right away. Get a receipt for the bill for later return if it proves to be genuine. Contact police or a local bank branch or go online to the Bank of Canada website


Russell and C-R make Top 50 Places to Live in Canada MoneySense, the Canadian online personal finance and lifestyle magazine, has recently released their 2017 list of Best Places to Live in Canada and two Prescott-Russell municipali- ties have made the top 50. Russell was ranked number 21, whereas Clarence-Rockland made number 31 out of the 417 cities on the list. The list is based off 36 different categories that range from unemployment rates, health care, amenities, crime rates, weather, taxation and culture and community, amongst others. Other notable cities on the list are The Nation ranked at 123 rd and Hawkesbury at 311 th . The city of Ottawa was ranked the number 1 city to live in in Canada, – Alexia Marsillo Anyone who sees Pilon, has contact with him, or knows where he might be is advised to avoid confronting him. Call the ROPE Squad, toll-free, at 1-866-870- 7673, the CrimeStoppers confidential tips line at 1-800-222-8477, or 911. Police and federal prison officials are asking the public to be on the lookout for a man wanted for breaching his parole. The Repeat Offender Parole Enfor- cement Squad (ROPE) has issued an alert for 52-year-old Daniel Pilon. He is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for breach of parole. At the time of his parole violation, Pilon was on a long-term supervision order after completing a five-year sen- tence for robbery, overcoming a person’s resistance by trying to choke them, and forcible confinement. He is known to frequent the Ottawa area. Pilon is Caucasian, stands six-foot- three or 191 centimetres, and weighs 282 pounds or 128 kilograms. He wears glasses sometimes and has tattoos on his entire left and right arms.

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