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Like most parents, I truly love my son. Jay just turned 10 a couple months back, and these last few years have created some of the most unique and amazing moments in my parenting journey. This year, he started at a new school. It’s a huge challenge for any child to be uprooted from their friends and dropped into a new area. I was so nervous for him that I started crying when I dropped him off. When he came back from his first day, you know what he said? “Mom, I made five friends today!” You should take my completely unbiased opinion when I tell you he’s the most incredible kid out there. I’m inspired by who he is and who he wants to be. Jay is a unique kid because he just goes with the flow. If I need to work, he totally understands and makes it easy to do my job. He enjoys reading, especially Harry Potter. He plays roller hockey and went to the championship with his team. Okay, scratch that. After reading this, he’d like me to accentuate that they won the championship. MY INSPIRATION FOR LAW IS ONLY 10 YEARS OLD And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

him dedicate time to developing his footwork and improving both on and off the field. He also wants you to know his favorite part about soccer is “scoring goals.”

On the sidelines, I definitely try to not be “that mom.” I do my best to keep my mouth shut, but I swear, by the time the second half rolls around, I just can’t. I do remain as encouraging as possible, but I can’t contain my excitement.

So many people want to talk about passion lately, but my passion is my child. When Jay flourishes in a task, there is nothing more

rewarding for me in the entire world. It gives me pride, but most importantly, it gives me hope. When I see Jay light up the world around him, I know that no matter what is wrong in life, his smile can cure it. Jay is love personified to me, and when he wins, it’s not just a win for him or for me as a mother. It’s a win for love. The part that melts my heart the most is the fact that he’s not afraid to ask for time with Mom. Whether it’s cuddling up on the couch next to me or just asking for help with a simple task, the amount of warmth and love I receive from this precious child is something I can never put into words. He’s my drive, my passion, my life. In a way, I don’t know if I’m parenting Jay and molding him to be a great man, or if he is molding me to be better. He’s an inspiration for me to constantly strive to be more. If you’re a parent, I’m sure I’m not explaining anything you don’t already feel, but he’s why I do what I do. I got into law because of the challenges and the ability to solve complex problems, but I fight so passionately because of a 10-year- old soccer player.

“The amount of warmth and love I receive from this precious gift is something I can never put into words.”

Soccer is turning into one of Jay’s major interests. He started off playing in AYSO soccer when he was 5 years old. My husband coached him. His love for the game was cultivated there, and that led to him trying out for a high-level local club team called Slammers with a few of his friends. It’s been incredible to watch

- Anna Serrambana

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simple yet eye-catching logo. It’s usually the first interaction someone has with your company, so make it memorable. However, it’s important not to let your logo carry everything else. Saul Bass, logo designer for United Airlines and the Girl Scouts of the USA, states, “Logos are a great extension of the internal realities of a company.” A logo is representative and gives your customers something easy to remember, but it doesn’t encapsulate your whole business. THEMES When you make promotional materials or certain merchandise, such as business cards or gift cards, the design should relate to your company. This doesn’t mean you should slap the logo on every item. The theme or design that you chose to represent in your logo should be present in your merchandise and promotional media.

This helps associate the product with your company without printing the same thing over and over. When your visual brands match, it creates a bridge to your company. CONSISTENCY When your theme is inconsistent, you create mistrust between you and your customers. A changing logo or style will create a sense of uneasiness or suspicion that your company might not be authentic or reputable. Any visual element that you design to represent your company should remain the same. If it’s unavoidable, change it as minimally as possible. Consistency in visual branding builds trust and helps customers recognize you. Incorporating visual branding beyond your logo will bring more positive recognition to your company. Follow these tips to create great visual branding.

When you think of visual brands, an iconic logo might pop into your mind. But logos are only the beginning of visual branding. While a strong logo is a terrific start, there are many other aspects that you should dedicate your time and money to. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to ensure successful visual branding. THE LOGO Start with your logo. You want your customers to notice you, and one way to do that is with a

Keep the same color schemes and style for everything, but vary the imagery and design.

Approximately 52 percent of first marriages end in divorce, and 70 percent of second marriages follow suit. It can be a bitter process, and if you don’t divorce-proof your business, it can become a casualty, as well. That’s why we’ve provided four ways to keep your business out of the crossfire if you find yourself at the bargaining table. PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS “Prenups” can often be muddy waters to navigate in any premarital process. The common view of these agreements is they are preparing your marriage for divorce. But it’s really just defining ownership of assets. A prenup states that as long as a written contract is voluntarily signed by both parties at least seven days before the marriage license is signed, the named assets in that document will maintain their original ownership. This means if you put your business in a prenup, you can keep it out of an ownership argument during a divorce. POSTNUPTIAL AGREEMENTS These are basically prenups that are signed and agreed upon after the wedding. They are generally harder to defend because they are done after marriage, but they can still keep your business out of a divorce. DIVORCE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS Strategies to Keep Your Hard Work off the Bargaining Table

TRUST Another way to divorce-proof your business is by placing it in a non- revocable trust. Since you technically don’t own the business — the trust does — the business is no longer a marital asset. This means that if you go to mediation, any asset placed in that trust is off the table. BUY-SELL AGREEMENTS These agreements document what the line of succession should be if the business owner goes through a triggering event, like divorce, death, disability, or retirement. By setting up a clear line of succession in a buy- sell agreement, you can help your business avoid getting caught in the muck of divorce settlements. The best way to divorce-proof your business is to prevent divorce altogether. The cost of finding a mutual solution is far less than what a divorce could end up costing you — both financially and emotionally. We aren’t psychologists or family therapists, but we are experts in business law. If you want the safety blanket of divorce-proofing your business, contact us today and let Anna take care of you. 2



Student loan debt has created a crippling system of financial bondage for the average American. Now, more than ever, hardworking graduates are being suffocated by a system designed for their failure. Far too often, people become desperate to free themselves of debt and resort to drastic measures. Recently, companies have sought to capitalize on the plight of young people — particularly young women — who are struggling to make ends meet.

in addition to a mountain of student loan debt. With the rising costs of getting a post-secondary education and the lack of ability to pay the ridiculous fees for a prestigious (or any) school, many 18-year-old women are faced with existential questions no one that age should have to answer. Seeking Arrangement is not a solution — it’s a symptom of a broken system. As women, we have enough stacked against us already. But now, companies are finding new ways to take advantage of us, and we’re forced to take obscene measures, compromising our very identity, in order to achieve our dreams. If this sounds like a stretch, remember that hundreds of thousands of women have been driven to use this service as their last resort in order to escape a lifelong enslavement to debt. We are passionate and strong female lawyers. Christine’s major area of expertise is dispelling student loan debt through bankruptcy. It’s not a myth. We can help you eradicate your student loans without requiring you to sacrifice your personhood.

Seeking Arrangement is one of many online sites that pair a young person, horrifically referred to as a “Sugar Baby,” with a much older person, marketed as a “Sugar Daddy.” With these arrangements comes a financial “allowance” that creates an implied contractual obligation for these young individuals. By taking the allowance, it is expected that a sexual relationship will take place between this much older person and the young adult in their early twenties. While the site allows for women to be the financial suppliers (Sugar Mommies), seeking arrangement with younger and less financially secure males or females, the website’s marketing distinctly targets women for the role of the financial receivers (Sugar Babies). Their website

pointedly advertises, “We’re the best online dating site bringing successful men and beautiful women together.” It’s no coincidence most young women with Sugar Baby accounts on Seeking Arrangement or similar sites are college students. Sites like these actively target college students with immense student debt. Users who create accounts with a .edu email are upgraded from a free to a premium membership. Seeking Arrangements’ ads are also featured on sites popular with the college demographic, and many sites pay for pop-up ads that target users who search for “tuition help” or “financial aid.” The allowance offered by a Sugar Daddy can be thousands of dollars a month, which can make all the difference in the world to a young woman struggling to pay for basic necessities


• The average person spends six months of their lifetime waiting on red lights to turn green.

• A single cloud can weight more than 1 million pounds.

• A sneeze travels about 100 miles per hour.

• It would take a sloth one month to travel a mile.

• A ten-gallon hat will only hold three-quarters of a gallon.

• The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.

• Chewing gum burns about 11 calories per hour.

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The Message Behind Kindness Rocks



message after finding it: “If you did drop this rock, you made my day.”

Once you have your rocks, use nontoxic paint or spray paint to color them. Use bright colors so that others can spot them. After the paint has dried, use paint pens to write your messages on the rocks. These can be as simple as one word or as big as an inspiring quote or verse. After you’ve written your message, use a clear nontoxic sealant to protect your artwork so it will be there when others find it. Find an outdoor space to leave your rock — maybe even in the original spot you found it.

Since then, Megan has inspired others with randomly placed messages of kindness. She finds a rock, paints a kind message on it, and leaves it on the beach for others to find. And the idea has spread. As the project has grown, so have people’s stories about finding kindness rocks. When people find a kindness rock, they get a boost to their day, but they also feel inspired to pay the kindness forward.

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? You wake up late, you can’t find your keys, the kids aren’t ready, and the day continues to unfold in a negative fog. Those difficult days are the reason Megan Murphy started the Kindness Rocks Project. After her parents passed away, she found comfort in finding heart-shaped rocks and sea glass on the beach. She realized that these small tokens might make other people feel better, too.


In a world that often seems dark, your message of kindness will serve as a beacon of hope for others.

If you want to spread kindness, start with a few smooth 3- to 5-inch rocks. Part of the adventure is in finding the rocks, so take the time to explore outside to find them. Maybe take the kids for a trek to a nearby park or beach.

“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.” –Gautama Buddha

Megan’s friend, one of the first to pick up a rock Megan had left behind, sent her an encouraging


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