March 2021


disturbed by what my husband calls “hats in the house.” A brief glance around a local restaurant last week turned up more guys wearing baseball caps than not. Maybe the rules have changed. Actually, everything I found on the Internet confirmed men should remove their hats in someone’s home or in a restaurant. Women are exempt from hat-removal rules unless—and this is big—they’re wearing unisex headgear. Women wearing baseball caps must abide by the same regulations as men, and that is straight from Emily Post. Well, it is actually from, which cannot be the real Emily Post since she is no longer with us. It will have to do, though, because it is all we’ve got. By the way, the rules do not apply if you have lost your hair to chemotherapy. Cancer patients can do whatever they want with everyone’s blessings. Back in the days when a man never went out without a hat, there were extensive rules about when he should remove it. They were complex; an elevator in a residential building called for different behavior than the elevator in an office building. And I found this interesting: When you take off your hat, you are supposed to hold it so the inside does not show. Apparently hat linings are a bit like underwear and should never be seen by others. Hats off to you and to all of Texarkana Monthly’s readers. I wish you happy hat wearing—or not—this spring!



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