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5 Simple Ways to Stay Active

Do some yoga. You don’t have to push yourself to your absolute limit in order to stay active. There are other, gentler ways to exercise than running 5 miles a day. Tai chi or yoga are excellent low-impact alternatives to keep your body fit and healthy. Reduce TV time. It can be tempting to plop down in front of the television after a long day at work or after dinner, but you can also use this time to be active. Get the family together for a walk around the neighborhood, take a few minutes to dance to some of your favorite tunes, or do some light cleaning around the house. Put a spin on date night. Forget dinner and a movie. Instead, try taking your date out for a round of miniature golf, indoor rock climbing, an evening stroll, a bike ride, or dancing. You’ll have more fun while doing your body good. Grab a leash. Having a dog gives you plenty of opportunities to stay active. If you don’t have a dog, try asking a neighbor or friend if they would like their dog walked, start a dog-walking service, or volunteer at a local animal shelter. There are plenty of ways to make staying active a part of your daily routine! With enough creativity and motivation, you can turn any activity into an active one.

Being active doesn’t have to mean going to the gym every single day. An active lifestyle can be as simple as going for a walk around the neighborhood for a few minutes a day. There are plenty of ways to exercise during daily activities like shopping, spending time with your kids, or hanging around the house. Park farther away. A lot of people will spend several minutes trying to find a parking space as close as they can to the entrance of a store. However, parking a little farther away will help you score a better parking space and make sure you get your steps in for the day.


Reduce the Tragedy of Motorcycle Crashes

Gary here again. Throughout my life, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several motorcycle enthusiasts. Many are still dear friends of mine, while others have unfortunately lost their lives. Motorbike accidents are painfully common and extremely deadly for riders. As both a friend and a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen the catastrophic harm even nonfatal crashes can cause. So, whether you’re a rider or just someone who shares the road with them, please take the following to heart. –Gary Medlin Drivers: Watch for Motorcycles When your mind is trained to look for other cars when turning or changing lanes, it can be easy to miss smaller, two-wheeled vehicles. Many motorcycle crashes are caused by the inattentiveness of car drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Always signal and check for all vehicles before changing lanes or making a left turn. When street parking, have you and your passengers check for passing motorcyclists before opening your doors. A little added precaution could save a life.

Motorcyclists: Wear the Right Gear We understand the appeal of wanting to feel the wind flow through your hair and enjoying the uninhibited freedom of the open road, but the right safety equipment can make all the difference in an accident. Compared to the long-term consequences of brain trauma and painful skin grafting procedures, putting on a helmet, jacket, gloves, riding pants, and boots is worth feeling a little constrained. Motorcyclists: Be Visible The other half of wearing the right gear comes down to being noticeable. Yes, drivers need to do a better job watching for motorcyclists, but when it’s your life in their hands, you should do everything possible to ensure they see you. This means always making sure your lights are working and wearing reflective materials when riding at night. There are even biker patches specially made to serve this purpose — you can sew them right into your favorite riding jacket.

From all of us at the firm, be safe and have fun. | Pg. 2

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