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How Much Do You Know About This Famous Mouse?

It’s true what they say: Everything gets better with age. For 91 years, Mickey has brought laughter and joy to both children and adults all over the world. November is Mickey Mouse’s birthday month, so let’s celebrate with these fun facts about our favorite cartoon mouse. AMouse by Any Other Name ... Walt Disney originally named the mouse “Mortimer,” but his wife suggested “Mickey.” Disney later introduced a character named Mortimer, who had little in common with Mickey besides a shared last name and romantic interest in Minnie Mouse. The Most PopularWrite-In Candidate It’s true; Mickey is the most popular write-in candidate during election season. As one Georgia

of the many who believe Mickey Mouse would be an excellent U.S. president, you’re not alone.

First Cartoon Character to Speak Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to be given a voice. His first words, spoken by none other than Walt Disney himself, were “hot dog,” which soon became his catchphrase. Here’s an even more fun fact: The third person to ever voice Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, eventually married the voice actor of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, after they met on the set of a Disney special. A Disco-Dancing Fiend Mickey’s 1979 disco album, “Mickey Mouse Disco,” went double platinum in 1984, the first children’s album to do so. The album included disco versions of Disney songs as well as “Disney-fied” versions of popular disco hits. If you ever want to hear what all the hype was about, you can still find this album on iTunes. These are just some of many fun Mickey Mouse facts to develop over his legendary 91-year legacy. To celebrate Mickey’s birthday on Nov. 18, find your favorite Mickey Mouse movie and watch it with the whole family!

election supervisor noted in 2012, “Mickey always gets votes. If he doesn’t get votes in our election, it’s a bad election.” But he’s not the only Disney character who gets unwavering support. According to a California election worker, “Donald Duck is a close second.” So, if you’re one | Pg. 4

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