Revel Year In Review 2021-2022



NOV 28 2022 The Jewish Eighteenth-Century and the Transformative Year 1782 Presented by Prof. Shmuel Feiner WATCH HERE

MAY 24 2022 Power and Emotion in Ancient Judaism Presented by Prof. Ari Mermelstein celebrating the publica- tion of his new book. READ MORE

Chinese–Jewish Conversation

SEP 11 2022

Understanding Halakhah, History, and Spirituality: A conference marking the 25th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Prof. Yitzchak (Isadore) Twersky and the publication of his

The Chinese-Jewish Conversation (CJC) at Yeshiva University continues to expand its presence on Chinese social media and in the Chinese academic community, creating a cultural bridge between these two ancient traditions. The expanding CJC Chinese-language blog introduces a range of topics on Jewish culture and history. We are also publishing a new video series on BiliBili (the Chinese equivalent of YouTube) with interviews that answer questions Chinese people have about Jews and Judaism. On April 6, 2022, the CJC held its first in-person event on campus since the pandemic: a commemorative gathering to mark the first Yahrzeit of Dr. Mordecai D Katz, a key benefactor of both Revel and the Katz school, which is attracting a growing population of Chinese students.

collected writings Ke-Ma’ayan ha-Mitgabber: Law and Spirit in Medieval Jewish Thought Chaired by Prof. Carmi Horowitz, Prof. Ephraim Karnafogel,

and Prof. Michael Shmidman WATCH HERE / READ MORE

SEP 13 2022 The Rise of Halakhic Religiosity of Mystery and Transcendence Presented by Prof. Yair Lorberbaum


OCT 25 2022

Secrecy and Esoteric Writing in Kabbalistic Literature Presented by Prof. Jonathan Dauber in celebration of the publication of his new book.

DAVID BERGER BOOK CHAPTER “Rashi on Isaiah 53: Exegetical Judgment or Response to the Crusade?” In: E. Krinis, N. Bashir, S. Offenberg, & S. Sadik (eds.). Polemical and Exegetical Polarities in Medieval Jewish Cultures: Studies in Honour of Daniel J. Lasker (pp. 301–316). De Gruyter. (2021). JOURNAL ARTICLE “Rashi’s Commentary on the Torah: Canonization and Resistance in the Reception of a Jewish Classic [Review of the book by Eric Lawee].” In: Tradition 53(2) (2021), 157–16.

NOV 21 2022

Jozef Pilsudski. Founding Father of Modern Poland

Presented by Prof. Joshua Zimmerman in celebration of the publication of his new book. WATCH HERE / READ MORE


BOOK Rashi, Biblical Interpretation, and Latin Learning in Medieval Europe: A New Perspective on an Exegetical Revolution . Cambridge University Press. (2021).

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