Revel Year In Review 2021-2022


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Of Note Rabbi Shmuel Reichman , a Revel alumnus, published The Journey to your Ultimate Self: An Inspiring Gateway into Deeper Jewish Thought through the Lens of the Weekly Parshah (Mosaic Press, 2022). Professor Joshua Zimmerman ’s new book, Jozef Pisuldski: Founding Father of Modern Poland (Harvard University Press, 2022). was reviewed in The Jewish Chronicle. READ MORE Miriam Zami , a PhD student published “Laughter in the Face of Tragedy: The Enduring Resistance of Rabbi Akiva,” in Lehrhaus . This essay was the runner up in Hadar’s annual Ateret Zvi Prize in Hiddushei Torah READ MORE Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman , a Revel alumnus, published Psyched for Torah: Cultivating Character and Well-Being through the Weekly Parsha (Kodesh Press, 2022).

Rabbi Chaim Jachter , a Revel alumnus, co-published The Aggadic Mindset: How Talmudic Tales Shape the Jewish Outlook (2022).

David Selis , a Revel PhD student published ‘”Perhaps the Oldest Piece of Ecclesiastical Furniture in This Country”: The Construction and Destruction of Solomon Schechter’s Cairo Genizah Torah Ark.’ IMAGES: A Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture (2022)

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